Penny Auction Sites Offering Free Bids to New Users
Looking for penny auction sites that allow you to try before you buy? This is the report you need!

We've scoured the internet for online penny auction websites that give free (no purchase required) bids to new users. We then take it one step further and show you how much those free bids might be worth!

What's Bid EV? Our exclusive "Bid EV" (Expected Value) represents the value of items sold for each bid placed during the last 7 days.
For example, if 100 bids were placed on an auction site in the last week, and $100 worth of items were sold with final auction prices totalling $1.00, the EV of a single bid on that site would be $0.99.
Bid prices and EV are listed in USD (and converted where necessary).
Penny Auction Sites (8)Normal Bid PriceBid EV# of Free BidsFree Bids EV$0.54 - 0.60$0.5910$5.90$0.37 - 0.60$0.4410$4.40$0.60$0.2910$2.90$0.63 - 0.80$0.485$2.40$0.47 - 0.63$0.415$2.05$0.32$0.283$0.84$0.50$0.283$0.84$0.61 - 0.75$0.052$0.10

Know a penny auction site that offers free bids to new users and isn't listed above? Please let us know on the forums or at


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