Penny Auction Statistics - "Bang for Your Buck" Comparison
When evaluating penny auction sites, you may be wondering "What is the value of the items sold compared to the amount spent by bidders?". This report attempts to answer that question. Statistics are for auctions that ended in the last 7 days. More information on this report.
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Penny Auction Sites (22)
BidSauce.com968$29,131.79$252.05$15,123.00$0.60189.47% [BIN]5,001$491,686.00$43,208.77$893,208.16$0.1652.51% [BIN]2,627$352,012.68$33,239.84$303,067.28$0.47104.67% [BIN]18,930$864,825.08$21,901.47$1,299,407.40$0.6065.45%
BidFun.com281$17,660.00$21.91$1,906.17$0.87915.94% [BIN]77$4,936.49$163.14$8,930.35$0.5554.29% [BIN]178$6,192.38$167.32$10,039.20$0.6060.67% [BIN]34$19,148.44$1,659.51$121,514.51$0.1315.55%
PennyAuctionsCanada.com424$16,030.25$4,630.53$23,080.50$0.7557.85% [BIN]222$17,867.25$3,334.92$203,430.12$0.618.64%
Mukirana.com46$9,612.86$179.50$16,155.51$0.5758.85% [BIN]4$100.00$0.58$29.00$0.50338.07% [BIN]798$15,241.19$861.80$43,090.00$0.5034.68%
Bidson.com611$139,902.35$8,794.81$172,183.36$0.3277.30% [BIN]54$12,305.00$205.30$12,285.60$0.6098.51% [BIN]114$2,135.00$64.43$3,221.50$0.5064.97%
CoinSniper.com13$282.50$5.52$958.80$0.6029.30% [BIN]13$146.25$4.59$321.30$0.7044.88% [BIN]88$3,736.61$23.40$1,614.60$0.69228.12%
More Information on the Penny Auction Site Comparison
[BIN] = Buy-It-Now Available: Penny auction sites with a buy it now option have a [BIN] next to their name. "Buy-It-Now" often allows you to put the value of the bids placed towards buying the item (rules vary though). Hover your cursor over the "[BIN]" to get more information on that sites rules.

"Low vs. High Value Returned Percentage":
While it may appear that a high percentage is all to look for, keep in mind a low percent can show the strength of the site. Their business model may enable them to procure and ship items within days and run fair auctions.

Keep in mind, it's just an average. If your bidding strategy is sound, there can be just as many deals to be had on lower "Value Returned" ranked sites.

Our Value Returned is based on a static bid price. Many factors could cause the actual value of bids used to be lower, including::
  • Promotions the penny auction site may run for less expensive bids.
  • Lower per-bid price or bonus bids when buying bids in bulk.
  • Complimentary (free) bids given away to new users.
  • Buy-It-Now: See Above.
  • Bid-pack auctions.


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