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Bid Rail offers 5 free bids to new users.
Bid Prices:USD 0.60 - 0.75
USD 18.75 for 25 bids (0.75 ea.)
USD 30.00 for 40 bids (0.75 ea.)
USD 56.25 for 75 bids (0.75 ea.)
USD 105.00 for 150 bids (0.70 ea.)
USD 195.00 for 300 bids (0.65 ea.)
USD 360.00 for 600 bids (0.60 ea.)
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Types of items sold on Bid Rail: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Digital & Video Cameras, Gift Cards, MP3 & Audio, Outdoors
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“Give Back of Bids” Program
Get back 20% of the bids you place in an auction if you do not win. You do not receive the 20% back if you use the Buy it Now option. Bonus bids are not eligible for the 20% give back. There is no give back of bids on reserve auctions.

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Bid Rail News (More News)
Congratulations to SJS62286 for winning the Grand Prize of a $200 Gift card of their Choice!!!! Way to go SJS62286!
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The New Grand Prize of a 2g Liberty Gold Bar & 100 Paid Bids has been added to the Bonus Board. Good Luck Everyone!
about 1 year ago   Source: Twitter   (Permalink)
This Weekend choose your favorite Promo! 25 More Paid Bids use Coupon Code Weekend25 or 40% More Bonus Bids, use Coupon Code: BONUS40.
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Reviews and Ratings for

Kevenf (Kevenf on 7 months ago
Review:FYI - BidRail has skipped town, and has defrauded many participants, including me out of a lot of money. I don't see how it remains so high (#3) on the list of penny auction sites as ranked by customer "Ratings and Reviews".
Biddinbandit (Biddinbandit on 8 months ago
Review:Bidrail is one of the tops sites running right now. They offer a Bonus board where you receive one free play per day to win bids and prizes with a grand prize always available and its usually valued around $200.00 or more you just have to buy a bidpack of 40 or more and you receive 30 free plays one per day. They have reserves with very fair prices in addition to their regular timer auctions. The bidding format is a little different than other sites in that each auction has a timer but no bids can be placed until the One Minute mark at which point the bidding button is activated and you can then bid. It gives everyone an equal chance of winning that way so it makes the bidding experience more fun. The Customer service is second to none. Every email I have ever sent has been responded to very quickly and professionally. Shipping is a little slow, but they DO SHIP EVERY ITEM WON. They are about a month out on wins for most, a little more for some, but as i said they do send out every item won. For the volume of auctions they run each day its somewhat understandable. If you are playing at any other site and want a change or have never tried a site then I definitely suggest you try this site out and have some fun!
LoDilly (lodilly on 8 months ago

UPDATE: Heartbroken that they have disappeared without refunds or payouts of all the wins. I don't know how we will recover any losses. This is criminal.

I am making claims on PayPal and I suggest everyone else do likewise. As Lumunba mentioned, they were constantly doing bid promotions toward the end and taking thousands of dollars from the regulars. The only slight consolation I have is that I got my Grand Prize bonus board win just before they went belly up.
willys29 (willys29 on 8 months ago
Review:What started out as my favorite auction site with reasonable shipping, slowly turned into the worst auction site and is now GONE! I knew something was going wrong when the only time I would receive won gift cards is when I asked via email and they were rarely the cards I actually won. Now, I'm out $915 in won gift cards. BACK TO DEALDASH!!! SHAME ON YOU PATRICK, STEPHANIE and whoever else was involved in the very POOR operation of BidRail!
NightmareOnBidSt (BidTilliDie on 8 months ago
Review:Unshipped wins dating back months, and now site is out of business. Shame..
Lumunba (Lumunba on 8 months ago
Review:What a scam. Two days before they shut down the site they put bids 50% off. They could not have been out of money they put people off for months not sending out anything. They keep selling bids for months knowing they where closing down. Then they tell us site down while we move server, but you can still buy bids. What a bunch of losers.
pikefish63 (pikefish63 on 8 months ago
Review:it seems that Bidrail has been at great site just up picked up and left the house. I called, emailed them and no answers from them.
davidrsm (Notgunnasay on 8 months ago
Review:Seems they are nothing but a scam. Haven't received anything from them. Last time they answered an email they said they would ship it right away. That was almost a month ago. DO NOT USE. YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR MONEY
DONAHI (DONAHI on 10 months ago
Review:Shipping has gotten really behind on this site so I have stopped bidding there. But if you don't mind waiting 2 months for your wins it is a great site!
mybidyoulose 10 months ago
Review:What can I say about BidRail. Great site, Great items Great Action can't get enough.
Please add Publix gift cards to your auctions.Thanks BidRail!
j12345 (j12345 on about 1 year ago
Review:Won a $20 gift card over a month ago and have heard nothing.

Stats still show 'Awaiting Shipment'.

There is no excuse for this - especially when they seem to be quite capable of debiting your account immediately.
cvb1973 (xanexia on about 1 year ago
Review:Just received most of my wins from BidRail. They do ship what you win, but their shipping is just very slow.
givingtokids (givingtokids on about 1 year ago
Review:This site was OK to start but now they added to many Auctions and cant keep up with shipping. I won cards 3 months ago still not received. I emailed them several times and they keep telling me next week and some of my cards were out of stock. How can you have an Auction for something you don't have?. Now they don't response to emails anymore. They must be having financial problems. Would not buy bids.
Site Owner Response:We are not sure who this user is. We have no record of them on our site at all. We respond to EVERY email we receive.
Barryslaw (barryslaw on about 1 year ago
Review:I have been playing penny auctions for some time now and I do not usually post but after seeing what some person writes it seems bad mouthing a site that has sent every win is not a bad site. But that's my opinion. Keep them wins coming! Thanks BidRail
Dontcarehowmanybids (BruzierI on about 1 year ago
Review:Slow shipping or no shipping..and some people don't kno what they are talking about...go for....but I'm giving my personal experience...I'm not in love with any site but this site is losing more people which to me is not a good thing.
I'm tired of emailing sites to get what I'm owed & after over 2 years of bidding I think I know a great site from an average site.
samantha72 about 1 year ago
Review:I think Bidrail is the greatest penny auction site on the internet. They have the most awesome features such as their bonus board and now they have buy it now on all auctions. It is such a trustworthy site and the customer service is always there to help you out and answer questions. They auction off really neat items for your kitchen and house plus all kinds of gift cards. I have won alot of things on Bidrail that I have given away as gifts. It is a great place to shop!
goforthewinn (mindgames on about 1 year ago
Review:I love Bidrail & their bonus board! After reading a couple of the bad reviews posted here I feel the need to defend my favorite site. I have never seen 'Dontcarehowmanybids' on this site & they really haven't got a clue! If they had bothered to read anything on this site they would know you have to BUY a bid pack of 40 or more bids to get 30 days of board plays! Duh! And they tell you they are in New York City & that they do offer a lot of items for that area, like Metro passes. If you've ever been to New York City you'd know that public transportation is the way most people get around & Metro passes are the easiest way to pay for it. You can take your car, if you like playing bumper cars! Taking a cab in New York is a thrill ride you don't want to miss! I love it! I live 7 hours away but it's worth the trip & I can save money on my next trip there by winning restaurant cards & Metro passes at Bidrail! Bidrail offers tons of auctions for those of us that don't live there too & I've won a lot at great prices. I've also won quite a few things on their bonus board, like free bids & board plays, gift cards, a can opener & I even won the grand prize once, a $250 Best Buy card & I used it for a much needed new dishwasher! Thanks Bidrail! Yes there are a few power bidders as with any site. Respect them & they will usually do the same. Jump & you will get jumped. You can't blame a site for the actions of it's bidders. Customer service is fantastic! Every time I've contacted them they've replied within minutes. They do care a lot about their site & their customers & it shows! That bad review was probably written by a competing site that can't compete with Bidrail! And no, I do not work for Bidrail!They have treated me great & that's why I had to stand up for them! They definitely don't deserve any bad reviews. Just try Bidrail & you will see it for yourself!
jengwen (jengonnawin on about 1 year ago
Review:Have been on this site for a couple months. You can get a great deal, but it seems like only if you establish yourself as a power bidder first. The ending price is often very low, but in my experience it is only you against one or two bidders, so you are still spending a lot of bids to win and not getting much of a deal. People will regularly spend way more in bids than the item is worth. I pretty much won't bid on any item that does not offer buy it now, so my bids are not totally wasted and I can buy the item for a penny. Shipping is a little slow. I do love the bonus board though, and have won free bids multiple times and a nice gift card once. So, that is what is pushing my rating up to "Like" from "Mixed".
backinwater (backinwater on about 1 year ago
Review:Well, where do I start? I absolutely LOVE this site. The customer service is top notch, both Patrick as well as Charles on every occasion have been great to deal with. Every time I have had to call customer service, my issue was handled promptly and I got off the phone feeling like I was a valued customer. The shipping has been on point despite hearing issues about their shipping. Everything has arrived well packaged, well recorded with receipts and on time. The type of play on Bidrail is another thing I cant say enough about. It is second to none in my opinion. It is fast paced and auctions are coming up one right after another. It keeps me engaged. I have fun there versus a lot of these PA sites that you can sit on an auction for 4 to even 12 hours. The other thing is the bonus board, what a great idea. Overall, I cant say enough good things about this site. I only wish they had daytime auctions as well, but I think that has been tried. there must be a reason they only do evenings. Bidrail gets a big thumbs up for putting together an honest and fun site with a great range of items and gift cards and an enjoyable environment to bid in.
hotmama (hotmama on about 1 year ago
Review:I have been on BidRail for over a year and love the site! Great variety of items and very reliable. Thank you BidRail!!
kiannoli (kiannoli on about 1 year ago
Review:I really like this site. As long as you stay away from the power bidders you can usually win. I've even won a few good prizes on their bonus board.
Susiewen (ItsMine on about 1 year ago
Review:Honest site, thanks BidRail!!
WrongTurn (WrongTurn on about 1 year ago
Review:I absoultly LOVE this site. They have great gift cards and electronics. Go BidRail!!
GunnaWin (GunnaWin on about 1 year ago
Review:I have been playing BidRail for about 2 months now and I have never once regretted it. Always been profittable from the start. From the Bonus Board, to GREAT Customer Service, and fair and easy auctions to win, you cant beat it. Shipping is great too. The Bonus Board is what make's them stand out from the rest, where you can easily win bids to $100's in Gift Cards. Auctions specifically for beginners gives everyone a chance to win. Listen, if you enjoy penny auctions and are looking for a responcible and trustworthy site, then BidRail is definitely the way to go!
JohnDavidWSU (JohnDavidWSU on about 1 year ago
Review:A wonderful penny auction site--BidRail has excellent customer service and a broad selection of gift cards, as well as other items! The new 'Bonus Board' is fun and sets BidRail apart from other sites.
Just1Penny (Just1Penny on about 1 year ago
Review:great customer service, great auctions, great site. hell, my favorite site!
rainbow56 (rainbow56 on about 1 year ago
Review:I have been on a lot of Penny Auctions and I must say that is the Best I have seen. They are honest and very friendly with great Customers Service, and super fast shipping!! Where can you get that, all in one place?? I LOVE! :)
bidclosing (bidclosing on about 1 year ago
Review:I have been playing Bidrail for the last month or so and I love it! Very good customer service and a great concept with the bonus board. Wins have been received quickly.
Neverstopin1 (neverstopin on about 1 year ago
Review:Great site!!! Awesome customer service, really quick shipping, and great selection of items. If you looking for a honest site this is it. Start at the beginner auctions and work your way up, its worth a try.
watchmewin over 2 years ago
Review:Bidrail is my favorite penny auction site out there. They by far have the most variety on gift cards and other items to bid on. They offer gift cards and really cool items that no other site offers. It is a nice change of pace. The customer service is outstanding and they ship really quickly. I highly recommend trying Bidrail. It is a lot of fun!
helloppl902 (helloppl on over 2 years ago
Review:Bidrail is an amazing site that has great customer service,fast shipping,and very transparent. Patrick and Stephanie always take care of any problems within minutes and they always reply to thier emails usually within the same day .Also if you have an issue while auctions are live you can live chat with them and get your problems taken care of right then and there. So if you havent checked bidrial out yet ,get over there and see what your missing out on!!!!
Professor (Professor on over 2 years ago
Review:Love BidRail. Fast shipping!!!! I especially love bid2free bidpack auctions. I usually buy 300 bids at a time in which 53cents/bid. So I bid up to $52.50 plus $0.50 handling. Anything over that, I better buy a bidpack. If you have not try this site, give them a chance!! If you a New Yorker like myself, they auction out Metro Pass, and from time to time it goes very cheap. Oh if you a student, trust the Professor.
amcoffee (amcoffee on over 2 years ago
Review:Class act in every way. They are online and available when auctions are running. They ship extremely fast. Their start of auctions are allot of fun too!
Review:BidRail is truly an amazing site with excellent customer service and extremely fast shipping. I have never waited more than 2 days to get my wins sent to me via email (Gift cards). I think that all sites should take care of their customers the way that BidRail does. Whether we have a question that is positive or negative, the owner Patrick A:WAYS takes the time to answer and take care of the issue.
uanjum (uanjum on over 2 years ago
Review:Birail is awesome. I have been looking and looking for a honest site and finally found them. Bidrail has very fast shipping and great customer service.
Review:I love they have great items and i get my stuff really fast. I highly recommened them.
Holisihlos (holisihlos on over 3 years ago
Review:To team wish you guys Good luck with fixing stuff over there and look forward to seeing you back again. Your truly Gamer :)
ford351 (ford351 on over 3 years ago
Review:I love, they are one of the best out there, super fast shipping and excellent customer service!! You need to join and try this one out!!!
davebling1 (justcantquit1 on 5 months ago
nursediana3 (IWantIGet on 6 months ago
SJS62286 (SJS62286 on 8 months ago
tch37330 (tch37330 on 9 months ago
lilly1953 (lilly1953 on 10 months ago
CatWhiskers (CatWhiskers on 11 months ago
9BCSEMLOW (9BCSEMLOW on about 1 year ago
arewethryet1 (IDONTQUIT1 on about 1 year ago
bradjar (bradjar on about 1 year ago
Jaaawsh (Jaaawsh on about 1 year ago
tdarbonne (tdarbonne on about 1 year ago
jetranger (jetranger on about 1 year ago
BidRail ( on about 1 year ago
Jayski101 (Jayski101 on about 1 year ago
Sporty2323 (Sporty2323 on about 1 year ago
terryh (LoveToWin on about 1 year ago
wackpack14 (wackpack14 on about 1 year ago
bidtiger (bidtiger on about 1 year ago
RosyCheeks (RosyCheeks on about 1 year ago
nixnutz7897 (nixnutz7897 on about 1 year ago
jasminea (jasminea on about 1 year ago
RAGER2 (RAGER2 on about 1 year ago
Neverwalks (Neverwalks on about 1 year ago
KissMyBids (KissMyBids on about 1 year ago
moose1515 (moose1515 on about 1 year ago
CardSpecialist (CardSpecialist on about 1 year ago
realcemeterygates (Realcemetery on about 1 year ago
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str8laggers (str8laggers on about 1 year ago
vegas1050 (KillBid on about 1 year ago
jtmurdock (jtmurdock on about 1 year ago
krazy4diamond (krazy4diamond on about 1 year ago
2BIDORNOT2BID (2BIDORNOT2BID on about 1 year ago
bidtobuyitnow (bidtobuyitnow on about 1 year ago
Persistent (Persistent on about 1 year ago
omgu8mytv (omgu8mytv on about 1 year ago
BC1akaPennywiser (BC1 on about 1 year ago
SueL3560 (SueL3560 on about 1 year ago
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