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Facebook FansDeal Dash has 1,303,247 fans on Facebook.
1st out of 22 entertainment auction sites with Facebook pages.
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3rd out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
Value ReturnedFor each $1.00 spent by bidders, Deal Dash sold about $0.64 in items.
15th out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
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Types of items sold on Deal Dash: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Computers, Electronics, Food, Beverage & Kitchen, Home & Garden, Mobiles & PDA, MP3 & Audio, Outdoors, Video Games & Consoles
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NeedaTV2014 (NeedaTV2014 on about 25 days ago
Review: This site is getting sketchy, sure they do ship items you win fast but it is getting really hard to ever win anything. Bid packs are insane the bidding that goes on and I feel as if I have just thrown away money on this place.
jandkohio (jdhummell on about 26 days ago
Review:This was the first penny auction site I found. While it seems like it's becoming harder and harder to win any items with a relatively small number of bids, I do appreciate that this site offers a BIN option on every auction, and I also like the timer. Shipping is free on all items. Auction win limits are fair and I LOVE the Facebook promotions where you can win extra bids just for posting a picture. I won the photo of the week a few weeks ago, and won $500 in Wal*Mart gift cards!

Overall this site is fair and fun and is one of the best, if not the best, out there.
llh (neverwinlora on about 1 month ago
Review:I am pretty new at this but have found it amazing how 'immediately' and I mean 'immediately' there is another bidder that seems to have their have finger on the 'BID NOW' key!!!
coolandy55 (coolandy55 on about 1 month ago
Review:After some past problems with Deal Dash, I must say they are an honorable website that worked hard to resolve the issues I was having with them. My account is now once again active and I am receiving all the items I won. I think those looking for a deal should give Deal Dash a try. You can really score some great deals if you are patient and do your research before bidding.
sfrattura (dro14 on 3 months ago
Review:if you only bid on what you actually want - you can always Buy In Now (BIN) and lose nothing (except maybe the 10% it is overvalued versus Amazon)

Totally worth it.

Bidding on bidpacks is a dangerous game, and where people can get really burned
callmewhatyoulike (scipioshopper on 3 months ago
Review:Strange bidders appear out of nowhere? Then said bidders don't show on ticker? I have watched 2 bots go head to head to run the price point past the point of locking the auction and never be seen again. All said, I am still winning nice merchandise. Just keep your eyes peeled.
davebling1 (thecloser78 on 3 months ago
Review:great company....great experiances, by far the most fair and legitamite company! Always well taken care of when mistakes happen.....pioneering type management and really going places! stick with it guys:))
paladinApos (PaladinApos on 4 months ago
Review:Great, except they force you to buy bids.
snowpenny (snowpig on 4 months ago
Review:Wow! I just read the reviews. I wish I had earlier -didn't know people were not getting shipments. I urge those people to report to the other consumer sites as well (Sitejabber, Rip-Off Report etc.)

What bugs me is all of their insanely low sales for bids and offering auctions to win up to 1000 bids. How can I possibly win against people with that many bids??
jlindsay2012 (jlindsay2012 on 6 months ago
billpayer53 (billpayer53 on 6 months ago
Review:This site has gone from the best site on the web to the worst. Too many idiots who bid up the price way past it being a good deal. DD customer service could give a crap less about you or the merchandise that they sell even though it is out of stock. When they do respond, they don't offer a comparable item in exchange. Always something of less value. DON'T TRUST THIS SITE. IT SUCKS!!!
whatever (LETS_ROLL on 6 months ago
Review:I love the BIN, free bids from clock time and the marketplace deals. It is hard to win an auction cheap.
MrSimon (MrSimon on 7 months ago
Review:Be prepared to be taken. DealDash has become overrun with cheaters. CHeaters in the sense that they use some type of autobidding software that swoops in to bid immediately after someone concedes to you. I left Quibids because of that crap....and those cheaters have now found their way to DealDash.
schoonte (schoonte on 7 months ago
Review:It seemed good at first, but has not been a good site overall to use. Shipping took longer than I expected.

Customer support is very unhelpful, email only and not very responsive.

I am no longer using the site.
newmommy (Newmommy on 7 months ago
Review:I have been waiting over a month for my items and then 5 of them are now Out of Stock, and a recent auction I won put the shipping estimate between 12/25-1/17, yet the first page says get it buy Christmas. I don't know if there are bots, but there is a lot of overbidding, I've also had issues with buying bidpacks that don't go through. Somehow the past 2 weeks almost every auction I quit ends withing a few bids, too many to be coincidences.
DONAHI (Donahi on 8 months ago
Review:Great site with fast shipping but it is a major site so time and patience is needed to win some things cheap. On gift cards prepare to use BIN for sure :)
aprilangel485 (april485 on 8 months ago
Review:Agree with some of the other reviewers that there are some tag team bidders that ALWAYS go for days on the bigger high ticket items so it makes it difficult to win anything of value. I have fallen into the trap and bid too much myself. Learning my lessons and APA has helped me to know what auctions to stay away from. Otherwise, DD has given me some great deals!
Kevenf (Kevenf on 10 months ago
Review:This is the best penny auction site I have found for customer service and diversity of items offered combined. Of course the number of people bidding there is massive because of that. Winning is extremely difficult but can be done. Their "Buy it Now" option limits your exposure to any great loss on a particular individual item (as long as it's a gift card). Value placed on items other than gift cards tend to be a bit over valued.
CatWhiskers (TrinkaBella on 10 months ago
Review:What started as a great experience, deteriorated in 1 month to watching clashing egos with a whole LOT more money than sense willing to spend 1000 bids for a $10 item! Ugh...creepy...
Stevepatrick (Stevepatrick on 10 months ago
Review:DealDash exert a pull on Kindle Fire HD tablet with 96% Offer!!!
Woww!!! It's almost free of cost….!!!! Who Provides that???? Of course!!! It’s DealDash, #1 auction site….. I was in stimulation, when Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet for 7.65 US $ in DealDash. It was an awe kind of situation which am sharing now….
When I was planning to buy HD tablet, I came to know about auction site called DealDash. But I’m not much interested, since my notion says “it's none other than an auction site”. Public`s view on auction sites is simply untrue, am just a human, so am in the same category. But when the situations knock our mind, the door involuntarily opens up to get products at profitable sight. Ha ha ha!!! It seems like am making my point valid, but it’s the fact. The coincidence on the state, what am seeking for HD tablet and the auction was great. That made me to get involved on the site.
I just viewed a product`s features and specification, that facilitates more than what I pre-configured my mind about a product to buy. Seems so Technical???!! Yup!! That’s my interest dude… I was so excited about buying that. And decided to get the product somehow, through the site. I was waiting for an auction to begin and when it starts, there I saw more bidders, who bids their amount sequentially at a quick rate. Am confident that I`ll bid and get the tablet but I need to do it as soon, to gain more. So I can get additional accessories to my brand New Tablet.
My sensitivity, add its beat when competition drags its occasion. Oh Man!!!! How ppl manages to get these kind of spot so easily..?? Was the site, so fame?? Huh…. So the one who delayed is Myself. Not too late I hope. Oops!! Where is my product? Now letting to the auction,
“Yeah!!! I grabbed it with just 7.65 $, approx., 96% of retail, money off!!!”

The tablet put on the market at a cost of 199 US $, and to the point of features;
It has a stunning HD display, Exclusive Dolby sound, Ultra-fast WiFi. And also make a count to its features, that it is considered to be the World`s most advanced 7” tablet.
And DealDash challenges Impossible is nothing. And they do best in customer support, Also I would prefer in quoting their delivery as better.
Thank you DealDash !!!!
whatmeworry (bj006 on 10 months ago
Review:Too busy. Has profiles to see who the bidders are. It's anybody's guess if they are true or not. Anyway, I don't like it, confuses the bidding, and distracting. I find the site very difficult to win on.
GIFF5150 (Giff5150 on 11 months ago
Review:Love Deal Dash!!!
LoDilly (LowBid13 on 12 months ago
Review:I like this site mainly because there is a good variety of items on which to bid, and the service is very good.

However, I have only won auctions two ways: by luck early on in the auction, or by reading three Russian novels and waiting patiently for others to run out of bids. If you set a bid buddy, pack a lunch.

The up side is that you get free bids if you rack up hours of time as the front bidder, but that gets harder and harder and becomes pointless.

Mainly, I set a budget of 50% of the price of an item in bids; if I lose, I BIN. Otherwise, if I win, I'm ahead.
tdarbonne (tdarbonne on about 1 year ago
Review:This is one of my favorite sites, but it has gotten difficult to win anything without using a lot of bids.
leeinc (JO3410 on about 1 year ago
Review:Probably the best site out there. So far, I have received everything I've won and paid for.

Buy It Now is only really worthwhile for Gift Cards (with no +xxx bids).

Problems are the devaluation of bids (now10 cents) and tagteam users. Watched one userid created in October of 2012 not make one single bid until April 2013 - now who really does that?
dtmpsu (dtmpsu on about 1 year ago
Review:any penny auction you go to you have competition and its always hard to win a high dollar item because there are idiots that spend 10x the retail price to win. what makes DD different? its the service! if you want to get a response from a real person and promptly then stick with DD. my package was lost by UPS and my rep LUCIA made sure the vendor, which is best buy in most cases, delivered a brand new item, which was an XBOX. took longer to get because UPS messed up, but DD service is 5 star. with DD you will get your items FAST within a week and with great service if there is an issue.
ustandnochance (ustandnochance on about 1 year ago
Review:site has become a joke. these users are playing with fake money because they give their bids away and you can get bids so many different ways. they sell them for 10-12 cents, and with all the free bids you can accumulate, there's no way of knowing when anyone can stop - it's just a neverending race
Lisaray2006 (Lisaray2006 on about 1 year ago
Review:I agree with these reviews. I joined in 2012 and won fairly easily and frequently. Then items out of stock and they offer bids or gift cards as replacements which never equal out to what I spent trying to get the item in first place! Especially if it took me 3 or more times to win it!! Quite a few "people" bidding WAY in excess of item value just so they can be the winner. Look "people" up on APA and see that they overbid quite often. Why would a real person spend over 8000 bids for an $800 item, and lose, when they could get out and BIN and get bids back?!?! Seems to be a little "rigged" to me! And the high rollers are getting irritating...the only ones winning the high $ items!! Just wish I could stop....
dottie55 (Dottie55 on about 1 year ago
Review:Was better before the 2012 holiday rush as far as great deals. Since fulfillment issues have been resolved the service has been top notch. Harder to get any great deals right now, but hoping that will change as the holiday "newbies" drop out or settle in to a routine.
becksdeals (becksdealdash on about 1 year ago
Review:Seems now that the shipping issues have been worked out it is impossible to win anything anymore! WAY too few auctions for the number of new customers. Strange how many bidders are willing to spend over 10,000 bids on items. YES! It happens and how can you possibly compete with that? Seems there are ALOT of bidders who enter nearly every auction making it impossible to avoid them and they bid for DAYS. spend hundreds of bids only to have them jump in hours later.'s down to you and three others finally and the second you drop out it's over!!! Coincidence? Hmmmmmmm......every dropped out at the same exact moment? Seems fishy......
ksajdera (ksajdera on about 1 year ago
Review:There was a time when it was possible to win on DD and get a good deal. Those day, however, are long gone. Up until about the first week of Dec. 2012, you could get great deals on loads of good merchandise, then it all changed. The same "bidders" that you'd previously bid against and won, suddenly had thousands and thousands more bids than you, they turned into "robo-bidders" and your chances of winning anything became a thing of the past. If you PAID. It's clear that some are in the auctions just to run the price up and there are usually 2 or more to make sure it keeps going. It is not uncommon to see people bidding on an item for 48 hours or more. No real person that I know has that kind of time and money. One guy (you can look it up) bid over 32000 bids on 1 laptop. Take a look around. It's the same group of names running everything up and winning. In the event a real person does win, they pay far more than they should have. I got out and haven't looked back
Sunny56 (nodeal on about 1 year ago
Review:Thanks for the warning!
lrussell84 (lrussell84 on about 1 year ago
Review:On Dec. 7th I won two items with values totalling $1,548.00. it is now 65 days later and all I have received are 7 e-mails giving me yet another shipment date. I also won 4 items totaling $1,282 and was informed they were "out of stock". I find that odd because those same items continued to be listed for auction on their site. For the "out of stock" items I was offered free bids or Amazon cards that were worth considerable less than the items won.
Bigdogelliott about 1 year ago
Review:To many big spenders they should separate the good wealthy players from the average to below average players and let the rich battle the rich
smilnathblues about 1 year ago
Review:When I joined in Oct. it was a great site. You could win items fairly, fun and easy. The buy it now option is only favorable if you are bidding on gift certificates as the "buy it now price is greatly inflated" As for the merchandise they don't tell you that it's refurbished or out of date and the manufacturer customer service is no longer "in service" They are not recognized by companies retailers so your warranty is not valid. Example, won 2 pair Beats headphones. Both broke, called customer service they said Deal dash was not recognized as one of there retailers. Had to go back to Dealdash to get proof of purchase and authorization to repair. That was right after Christmas and still nothing! I have not been on any other penny auction site to compare. All I know is it's been very frustrating trying to get what I've won.
MrsDiamonds (mrsdiamonds on about 1 year ago
Review:I've received all items that I won, I gave it a mixed review because I've had to buy a lot of items using their buy it now feature and buy it now usually costs more than if you bought it at walmart. I like that you can decide if you want to trade the item for bids once you win instead of having it shipped but that is not always worth it unless you happen to win something for less bids than they are willing to give you back on the item. I won a purse from there I received it and it was garbage and they had a buy it now price that was extremely high. It was a $29 purse with a BIN of $89. I'm teetering on the dislike side because it takes 300+ bids to win a $25 gift card. I was bidding on two exact same gift cards won one in 7 bids the other in 315!! Crazy! Thankfully, I'm still in the positive and haven't lost money yet according to apa's analysis. I guess it could be worse. Its a very frustrating website.
jengwen (jengwen on about 1 year ago
Review:This is my favorite site by far. They were having issues before and after Christmas keeping up with demand, so shipping was slow. However, they have fixed the problem, posted a public apology, and even gave me 200 bids for the inconvience. Customer service has been great whenever I emailed to check on the status. Class act! However, depending on the special they are running, you need to be careful because people will be items up to crazy amounts. $25 gift cards that used to go for $1-3 often now get bid up to $6-10 or more.
ncjeepgurl (ncjeepgurl on about 1 year ago
Review:Not a better site out there folks!! Peeps will always find something to complain about no matter how good something is. You can take 10 people on a 78 degree completely sunny day and someone would find something to complain about. DealDash ALWAYS send what is owed or offers and change if the form of a giftcard. Free shipping, free bids, great auction model!
cvb1973 (Xanexia on about 1 year ago
Review:DealDash has ADMITTED that there were people using multiple accounts and software to cheat and win auctions. They did nothing about it for three months, and now that I have a lawyer involved they are claiming it wasn't their fault.
sinca1 (morson on about 1 year ago
Review:I have received lots of great deals however it seems that since the huge auctions in November they did not prepare themselves properly. I finally received my $1k gift card and my iPad card almost a month past due. anyone having trouble make sure you send emails. if you open a dispute keep in mind it will change the shipping status. All in all have been pleased but would love to get more auctions again as the prices are going way to high. not much for savings unless you get lucky.
Catchersmom (catchersmom on about 1 year ago
Review:well it's Dec 21st and 2 gift cards I won early in Nov still haven't come.empty promises, it has said shipped for weeks. first they told me the 12th then the 20th guess they were talking about the year 2013
lmla51973 (LMLA51973 on about 1 year ago
Review:Won an auction for a tablet with retail value of $189 back on Nov 7th. On Dec 1 I finally receive an email saying they are no longer in stock and offering either bids or a tablet that retails for $89. Not a fair replacement value. Be very careful on this site
KevinVQuinn (Neverstoppin on about 1 year ago
Review:Whoever is saying Dealdash is gonna be good is full of it, they probably work for the company. DD owes me 5 items since OCTOBER. They do not respond to emails AT ALL. Everytime I log onto my account it says the items have shipped... 1 laptop, 1 nano, 1 playstation bundle, a dvd player, and a gift card. OVer $4000 worth of items, and I am guessing I will never see them. They used to ship things and respond to emails, now they do neither. Their phone number is never answered either. I think they are raking in peoples money for as long as they can, and then will shut down. We will all be screwed!
elcasa69 (elcasa69 on about 1 year ago
Review:I never received the items I won and Dealdash is not returning my emails.
alex1402 (alex1402 on about 1 year ago
Review:This site is certainly having growing pains. It's a good site and I have won several items but they are falling behind on shipping and occasionally messing up on it. Customer service is great once you can reach them, they are the best around but just to get a reply takes 2 days. Once they get past the computer upgrades and staff shortages, I am sure that they will fall back into most everyone's favor. Give them a chance and I think they will become everyones favorites again.
kiannoli (kiannoli on about 1 year ago
Review:This is by far the best penny auction site I have used. I won over $3,000 in items the first 3 weeks of use. My best win was a $1000 amazon gift card for less than $200 and that is including the bids. They are a little slow on shipping. A few items haven't come yet and it has been between 2 and 3 weeks. Overall, this is by far the easiest site to win on. It does take patience and sometimes lack of sleep but it has been well worth it for me.
Update: I now have been locked out of all gift cards, all apple products and several big ticket items. My BIN prices are now 20% to 50% higher then my sisters account on DealDash shows. I am told by customer support that this is due to my success. Hmmmm. Being punished for success sucks! I am done with DealDash for now.
Update #2: I have changed my rating to dissatisfied. $450 in gift cards not received and it has been 3+ weeks since winning. One has been over 30 days. They are blaming it on their suppliers.
azntrampz (Bid4eva on about 1 year ago
Review:On Nov 12, 2012 I place a lot of bids on a Mitsubishi 92-inch TV ....I booked 7000 bids on Bid Buddy...they updates there site and paused all the action....I log in later and saw that I have lost the action..but the bid buddy only used 5394 bids out of the 7000 bids that I placed...I email DD asking why I lost that auction ...been 3 days already, no reply from DealDash. Also on the same day..I made a purchased of 1800 bids pack for $270 plan to add more bids to my bid buddy...the transaction is completed but No Bids add to my account. Very frustrating .....
SanchezDrty (SanchezDrty on about 1 year ago
Review:Luv the Deal Dash Crew!!!
sapper9960 (mrsmawsr on about 1 year ago
Review:This is my first attempt at auction websites. Dealdash shows a lot of good deals won. You spend as much as you choose to spend winning is not guaranteed, but whining seems to be. My only issue so far is the lags in connectivity. The entire site freezes and currently has frozen completely. They have posted on FB to contact their costumer service concerning the bids lost, so we will see
IHateBidBuddy (thekeetons on about 1 year ago
Review:Very competitive.
BidBuddy is a joke. It's handy for when you have to get up to go do something for a few minutes, but it will eat you alive if you just leave it running.
buster1119 (buster1119 on about 1 year ago
Review:Deal Dash is an honest site, all my win are shipped in a timly mannor. All items are as described.
adampham77 (adampham77 on about 1 year ago
Review:Dealdash used to be a good the "fair and honest" from DD is no longer there...after you wins a few good items..they give you the "yellow locked" and you can't win anything good after they also if you the second "the Buy It Now" is btw $50-$300 more on all items....this will make a lot of bidders don't wanna come back...
Warlock (Warlock on about 1 year ago
Review:DD now relies heavily on BIN sales and higher auction close prices. Too many deep-discount bid sales; dramatically high BIN prices and tiered BIN pricing structure where losing bidders pay a very different BIN price at DD Store; not enough auctions; and a lockout policy on select accounts to reduce competition. DD has a very low return value to customers as a result of these practices. DD discriminates against customer classes. Stay away!
PACE2000 (Pace2000 on about 1 year ago
Review:I lost a lot of money on this site despite having a thousand bids and bidding during off hours. Not going back soon.
tjgeisler about 1 year ago
Review:The site always has "bid" sales and you can get bids for as low as $.20 each. But this just makes the auctions last even longer.
BidAddict2012 (BidAddict2012 on about 1 year ago
Review:This site is no longer a good place to play, limited auctions a lot of power bidders and jumpers, no more deals to be had at the deal dash, I would stay away!
BabyBabyBaby (BabyGirl on about 1 year ago
Review:To many bidders...can never win.
cindyb about 1 year ago
Review:clocks n bots
DISNEYDAME (DISNEYDAME on over 2 years ago
Review:BEST SITE EVER!!! Will never go to another site Ripped off by nearly everyone else. Only wish I would have found them first
DLFlyguy (bgood98 on over 2 years ago
Review:This site used to be great. Tired out watching people over bid honest bidders.
Just1Penny (just1penny on over 2 years ago
Review:good site, does have a lot of power bidders, only flaw with this penny auction site is that their BIN prices are ridiculously high!
2BIDORNOT2BID (2BIDORNOT2BID on over 2 years ago
Review:site is a zoo... too time consuming...
Wizznilliam (Wizznilliam on over 3 years ago
Review:Appears to be a very win-able site to me. Some products are difficult, but they have lots of products that can only be one once which neutralizes a lot of power bidders. They also have pretty good products. This is my favorite (non-Quibids) BIN site.
wendyco123 (winsalot on over 3 years ago
Review:Very hard to win. Not enough products for the number of bidders. Need tons of bids at least usually. Fast shipping. Buy it now a good feature
jetranger (jetranger on over 3 years ago
Review:I played there and had fun for a while but then they had a deal that gave all new bidders a fantastic deal while leaving old bidders in the wind. This is fine for a business if you also make this public knowledge but they hid it, costing many of the loyal people lots of dough. The shipping was good, Dave is a good guy, I just felt taken by that particular experience.
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$46.00 RetailCraftsman 23-Piece Screwdriver Set about 2 hours ago1,722$17.22Captrealty
$130.00 RetailAirhead MACH 1 about 2 hours ago843$8.43troutfishing
$50.00 Retail$50 TJX Gift Card about 2 hours ago307$3.07nbissonn
$94.00 RetailDisney All-In-One Swing My Friend Pooh about 2 hours ago881$8.81A6girl
$67.00 RetailRachael Ray 11-Inch Covered Soup, Sauce and Saute Pan, Orange about 2 hours ago204$2.04GRELIB02
$25.00 Retail$25 Exxon Mobil Gift Card about 2 hours ago69$0.69NoWhereMan
$90.00 Retail150 Bid Pack! about 2 hours ago963$9.63dhensley34
$19.00 RetailHope Golf Balls 12 pack about 2 hours ago480$4.80Kid72
$13.00 RetailKeurig - Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate K-Cups (16-Pack) about 2 hours ago163$1.63perfect4me
$23.00 RetailFoodSaver 11-inch Roll for FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer about 2 hours ago700$7.00ccguys
$100.00 RetailBLUE MICROPHONES Nessie Adaptive USB Microphone about 2 hours ago366$3.66mrgascan
$23.00 RetailDrive Medical - Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager about 2 hours ago77$0.77dnels
$13.00 RetailConair - Custom Cut 18-Piece Haircut Kit - Silver about 2 hours ago628$6.28Sparrtlow
$10.00 Retail$10 Applebee's Gift Card about 2 hours ago709$7.09BirdDawson
$28.00 RetailThe Pirate Fairy (2 Pack) (2 Disc) (Blu-ray Disc) 2014 about 2 hours ago547$5.47Neverlast
$25.00 Retail$25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card about 2 hours ago134$1.34NtGnnaStp
$32.00 RetailThe Rolling Stones GRRR! CD, 3 Discs about 2 hours ago76$0.76ALadybugs
$20.00 RetailApple Lightning to USB Cable about 3 hours ago56$0.56boodrank
$53.00 RetailMen's Stainless Steel Prayer Cross about 3 hours ago1,012$10.12Jesuitowl
$15.00 RetailQuirky Pivot Power Junior 4-Outlet Power Strip about 3 hours ago8$0.08BET1CAN
$21.00 RetailCharcoal Companion Corn Holders - Flip Flops / 4 Sets about 3 hours ago218$2.18Kangarooou
$42.00 Retail70 Bid Pack! about 3 hours ago344$3.44cash2win
$40.00 RetailKalorik - Automatic Salt and Pepper Mill Set - Stainless-Steel about 3 hours ago725$7.25pippa
$18.00 RetailBetter Chef - DualPro 2-Speed Immersion Blender/Hand Mixer about 3 hours ago151$1.51wolfie54
$48.00 Retail80 Bid Pack! about 3 hours ago42$0.42kimpseylee


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