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Gun Biddler is an online penny auction site owned by MAG Auction, LLC.
United States
Phone Number: (888) 405-6544
Support Email:
Facebook: on Facebook
Twitter: gunbiddler
Buy It Now Available:Yes [details]
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]

Gun Biddler offers 10 free bids to new users.
Bid Prices:USD 0.60 - 0.85
USD 17.00 for 20 bids (0.85 ea.)
USD 40.00 for 50 bids (0.80 ea.)
USD 75.00 for 100 bids (0.75 ea.)
USD 175.00 for 250 bids (0.70 ea.)
USD 325.00 for 500 bids (0.65 ea.)
USD 600.00 for 1000 bids (0.60 ea.)
Gun Biddler News (More News)
We have a Summer time Coupon running this Weekend only. Use code HOT for a 10% Boost on your next bid pack purchase.
8 months ago   Source: Facebook   (Permalink)
We have a load of Pistols lined up this week. Use Coupon Code, HANDGUN, to get a 10% Boost on your next bid pack purchase. Coupon good through June 30, 2013.
10 months ago   Source: Facebook   (Permalink)
Use Coupon Code CINCO for an additional 20% bid boost on your next Bid Pack Purchase. Coupon good through May 6 2013.
12 months ago   Source: Facebook   (Permalink)

Reviews and Ratings for

grace7531 (grace7531 on 8 months ago
Review:What a joke!!!!! I stayed up late bidding on a crossbow. Spent around 112.00 on bids..I clearly had time to bid and the site would not let me. "SCAM FRAUD"..Scrubber won.. that's fishy..he always seems to win. Because he works for the company with unlimited bids so they really don't even have to come off a crossbow. Basically its just a picture and a shallow dream your spending your hard earned money on, Plus it takes forever and a year to ship" IF" u accidently win. U might win on small stuff,but on the bigger stuff??? Please send us complimentary vaseilne !!!!
jakesmith87 (jakesmith87 on 8 months ago
Review:SCAM!!!!!! The same people running up the bids. I went after the product went up so much i went to bid at 2 seconds and it wouldn't let me bid. and Scrubber won!!! ARtraveler is one of their people. DOnt use this ITS A SCAMM!!!!!
walterthomas1 (walterthomas1 on 10 months ago
Review:good when you win some times clock must reset has its own mind
southeasthunter (southeasthunter on 11 months ago
Review:This site sucks. Very slow to ship if they even do ship. Same people win everything, wouldnt be surprised if they were payed to run the bids up.
hayfork (hayfork on about 1 year ago
Review:have not figured out how to use yet
alhovi (ahovi on about 1 year ago
Review:great site, fast shipping, great customer service, I've won a LOT of items on here and $675 in cabela's gift cards.
urbidsaregone (URBIDSAREGONE on 5 months ago
str8logik (str8logik on about 1 year ago
hartley929 (hartley929 on about 1 year ago
mbmrang (mbmrang on about 1 year ago
cntrlwiz (cntrlwiz on about 1 year ago
nixnutz7897 (nixnutz7897 on about 1 year ago
msbkelly (msbkelly on about 1 year ago
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