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Happy Bid Day is an online penny auction site owned by Razzle Enterprises, LLC.
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Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33403
United States
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Facebook: on Facebook (13,608 fans)
Twitter: happybidday
Buy It Now Available:No
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]
Special Auction Type(s):Happy Auctions (for free bids), 100% Off Auctions
Bid Prices:USD 0.15 - 0.31
USD 28.00 for 90 bids (0.31 ea.)
USD 42.00 for 175 bids (0.24 ea.)
USD 77.00 for 350 bids (0.22 ea.)
USD 123.00 for 650 bids (0.19 ea.)
USD 153.00 for 900 bids (0.17 ea.)
USD 195.00 for 1300 bids (0.15 ea.)
Facebook FansHappy Bid Day has 13,608 fans on Facebook.
9th out of 23 entertainment auction sites with Facebook pages.
Retail Value SoldHappy Bid Day sold a total retail value of $405,522 in auctions over the last 7 days.
4th out of 24 penny auction sites that tracks.
Value ReturnedFor each $1.00 spent by bidders, Happy Bid Day sold about $2.90 in items.
5th out of 24 penny auction sites that tracks.
Godaddy Verified & SecuredThis Web site is secured with a Web Server Certificate.
Types of items sold on Happy Bid Day: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Computers, Electronics, Gift Cards, Video Games & Consoles
Special Offers Available on Happy Bid Day

Participate in Contests for Free Bids
Each week we give away between 50 and 200 Penny Bids in contests that take place on our Blog ( and our Facebook page (

Post Photos of Won Items to Facebook for Free Bids
Depending on the value of the item you won, you will earn free bids for posting your photo to the HappyBidDay Facebook page.

Refer Friends
For every friend you refer that signs up and purchases a bid pack, you'll earn 100 Penny Bids. Click the "Earn Bids" tab after you sign in.

Rewards Program - Free Bids
Free Bids can only be used in "Happy Auctions" Only
50 Bids when you register
25 bids for daily login
30 bids when you invite your friends
100 bids on your birthday
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Reviews and Ratings for

goginmosaicdumluck about 1 month ago
Review:Not normal?? Or is it? Bidding behavior.

Not normal? Or is it?? Bidding behavior. Imagine a normal bidding auction on a 50 dollar item. Main item list cost is 32.50,the rest are bid. Then, at $29. A new bidder starts bidding??? With 3 or 4 bidders this person starts bidding when 5he value is 3 dollars form topping out??? Why would you start when it is not a value or saving situation???
baszdmeg (baszdmeg on about 1 month ago
Review:Site is worse than any Casino. You can do the research until you are blue in the face, but they have bid bot, and others that simply where the rules of win limits do not apply
NeedaTV2014 (NeedaTV201 on 2 months ago
Review:This site is pretty lame, confusing auctions and little to bid on, near impossible wins, strange auto bid feature. Not impressed!
LiteBit (BethyS on 2 months ago
Review:I won a bid pack as a happy auction and purchased it. I lost all the bids on my very first auction of a gift card using their bidding bot. First time on site, first auction, no win. I asked for a refund or replenish of the bids since I lost on my first auction and they wouldn't refund the full amount but gave me 50 bids instead.

Their refund policy states that bids aren't refundable but they also advertise their Happy Guarantee that says, "This means that if you use all your bids and do not win an auction within 30 days of purchase, we will automatically replenish those bids one time for free."

So I feel misinformed and highly dissatisfied!
callmewhatyoulike (frugal24 on 3 months ago
Review:I started out on HappyBidDay but soon realized it is very difficult to win an auction on this site. I really wanted a metal detector (for summertime fun at the river bank) and bid my heart out twice before I finally scored one. That was when I started looking around for a better place to lose my money. First, I found this wonderful site!! Then after reading many blogs decided to try my luck on DealDash.
philwlms (xxEVEREADYxx on 3 months ago
Review:Found a charge on my credit card from Belize (along with a foreign transaction fee from my bank for this charge). Not recognizing the company or the amount, I refused the charge. I was recently in Belize and was concerned that my credit card information may have been compromised. The charge reversal was not challenged by whoever made the charge so I was happy that I caught the "fraudulent" charge. In another week or so, my bid account was frozen. On contacting HappyBidDay, i was informed that since I had refused the charge my account had been frozen with the loss of all bids that were in the account. I asked why the reversal was not challenged by them and got instructions for me to contact my bank and allow the charges. I told them that if they would challenge, I would accept as the charge (not the foreign transaction fee) was a legitimate charge. For some reason, they did not want to challenge the reversal. The bluntness and rudeness of the replys I got allowed me to get a glimpse of the attitude they had toward their "costumers". I will challenge any amounts I do not recognize on my credit card and if I am wrong, will correct that. I say good riddance to them, too many other options on the web!
sillysally (sallyb on 6 months ago
Review:This is the worst penny auction I have been in.I started about 2:30 am Saturday Nov. 2nd, 2013. They give you these free bids but as soon as you win, you can not use your free bids again for 1 day. There is a restriction on newbies for the first week.newbies can only win 1 free bid auction in a day, after 1 week you can win 3.They give you unlimited free bids for 24 hours, yeah right, I won a free bid auction in about 20 minutes, now I am done until 2:30 in the morning. What a ripoff.
dbungarz (Notprovided on 6 months ago
Review:Starter auctions are fantastic. Prices and deals are very good. Once you win 5, you are no longer able to bid on them and are forced to pay near retail on their regular auctions. Recent example:

$25 retail card (u choose) - Sold for $16.14 + $3.99 s/h
$25 Gas card (u choose) - Sold for $15.94 + $3.99 s/h

Granted, bids are usually dirt cheap...$.03-.05 ea, but only if you get them from the free auctions. I was excited to see higher priced bids thinking the auction prices would be reasonable, I was incorrect.

Their BUY IT NOW are a complete joke. Everything has bids attached and usually jack up the price to well over double. $25 card for $52 etc.

Finally their free auctions are over priced. Many of the same items can be purchased directly from Amazon for below their starting price. Add on s/h and they are raking it in. Their "retail price" is basically just pulled out of thin air. Syma R/C helicopter, plus 25 bids. Retails for $102.99. A quick search shows it really retails for $39.99 (at the most expensive place, most are far less). That must mean the bids are $2.52 each. Again, grossly inflated price.
I like their win limits, 2 per day for penny auctions and 3 for their "happy" ones. Max is 6 per week as well. Usually nothing good in the happy ones, but sometimes something cool pops up.
Be prepared to dump a ton of bids to win anything outside their starter auctions. I'm not saying you won't get lucky and find a deal, its just tough to find them.
Make sure you:
-check s/h prices. They vary per item
-Use shorter bid runner times. You cannot cancel it once its started
-Verify actual retail prices. They are usually inflated, greatly
-Never buy their bids, use the free auctions to "win" bids
-Watch out for newbies and their bottomless bids. They RUN UP EVERYTHING and bid on everything, repeatedly. Who needs bots when you have 20-30 newbies just blasting bids like they are free...wait, they are.
hytech46 (OldHytech on 7 months ago
Review:HappyBidDay bids average 5 cents each, if you follow the tips of other users. This means most auctions are bid up to unreasonable prices. They also start the cheaper card auctions at $1.00 plus a $2.50 handling fee to pump the final price up even more.

As a new user, if you buy a bid pack you get a "bottomless bid pack" - for the first 24 hours or until you win an auction your bids are replaced. It sounds great, but many users have "bottomless bids" and it is impossible to win except at retail prices. Regular users who have to pay for their bids have no chance at all.

I saw an IPad auction run for 36+ hours and finally sell after 35,000+ bids where made. I also saw a $100 Airline card sell for an insane $120! This $20 loss was NOT posted to their finished auction listings.

With users with "bottomless bids" on their site, they do not need shills or bots- they use new users to bid up everything.
schoonte (schoonte on 7 months ago
Review:The starter auctions you can win pretty easily, but once you pass that phase, you need a lot of bids to win anything.

Don't buy a bid pack when you first sign up for the site (or ever). Use the free bids to win bid packs, which are much much cheaper!

Make sure you look at the shipping charges, because those costs can add up.

They have a pretty good selection of items in different categories and quiet a few auctions going on at the same time.
Kevenf (Kevenf on 10 months ago
Review:It takes a real boatload of bids and lots and lots of free time to win anything. Don't ever buy bid packs except by winning a "Happy Auction" with your free bids. Even then, with hundreds or even thousands of bids, You are not likely to win, without much commitment and luck.
LoDilly (LowBid13 on 11 months ago
Review:Earlier in the year I never spent more than $4 for a gift card win on HBD, using less than 100 bids little by little on the bid runner. Nowadays, those same value gift cards are over $10 or $15 at end price, which is insane. A dozen irrational bidders waste thousands of bids bumping up final price. Pointless.

Even though the average price of bids is about 6 cents, it's still not worth spending the time or the current final prices. I'll have to sit back and wait for things to go back to sanity again.
j12345 (J34156 on 11 months ago
Review:This is a site I have had a lot of luck with, but you have to be willing to pay more than a few cents for something. I usually just go after the cards.

If you are trying to get a $25 card for $.01, you can forget that, but you can score some good deals - I average about 50% off of the gift cards, including the $3.99 S&H charges.

There are so few high-end auctions, it really is not worth trying - plus there are a few obvious retailers/resellers trying to get them - you can check stats.

Buy-it-Now is not a real option because they add bids to every item and those are priced at $.60+. In the bidpack auctions, the price is usually about 6 or 7 cents per bid.

Delivery has been very good - pretty much 7 days or less to receive the items after you pay for them.

I've not had occasion to use customer service, so have no opinion.
tdarbonne (tdarbonne on 11 months ago
Review:Overall this is a great site. I have one a couple of items on the beginner auctions so far. The only problem that I had with the site is that payments are processed in Great Brittan and my bank would not process the charges on my debit card. They don't accept PayPal, so I had to sign up for DWOLLA to be able to make payments for my wins. So when I want to bid on something, I have to add funds to my DWOLLA account to make sure the money is there for payment.
mshorsewoman about 1 year ago
Review: Lot of power bidders with so few auctions running at one time.The bid for free auctions for bidpacks is cool, lets you pick up bids cheap. Plan on using a lot of bids and spend a lot of time to win anything. They do have super quick shipping.
bixby (shyasamous on about 1 year ago
Review:I am new to penny auctions. Although I have won a few auctions, it seems to me that their are certain bidders who dominate all the valuable items. I guess they can afford to place more bids than the item sells for at retail. It seems a little unfair that only the people who can afford to outbid everyone dominate. I don't get it..why not just go buy what you want. Overall happybidday has great customer service, fast shipping and appears to be run in an ethical manner.
tonia38 (tccloser on about 1 year ago
Review:I was extremely wary of Penny auction sites, but after reviewing the A rating on the BBB, I thought I would give it a chance. They were also the only ones I found to give SOOO many free bids without buying a bidpack first. I have received 3 auctioned items already and the boxes were not previously opened and were shipped through Amazon. I have won within 2 weeks a total of 5 items and paid very little. I have told many people at work about this site, since it seems so hard to find a honest one.
alien13 (alien13 on about 1 year ago
Review:Very cool website! Really easy to win for the experienced and inexperienced. is the best penny bidding site on the net!
kaptainkirk85 (WHALEbider on about 1 year ago
Review:This is the most honest and fair bidding site out there. Fast shipping. I've never had any issues and I've won many items. You can acctually get some really good deals here. With all of the negetivity I'll been reading about the other bigger bidding site I see this one becoming more popular very quickly. Happy Bidday makes me a happy bidder
terrier4581 (Terrier on about 1 year ago
Review:Only started recently, but it seems like you can get good value out of using the neverending supply of free bids to get bid packs. I've found there's an unspoken rule that people don't bid more than 10% of the value of the packs, meaning you get them for $0.10 per bid. Of course, that means it can take a lot of bids to win auctions at times. The Bid Runner here makes aggressive bidding pointless because it only bids when there are 3-4 seconds left, so why bid earlier when you know someone else is using it? Makes the auctions take forever. There is also no data on how many bids each user has used (or even your own bids) or how busy the auction is, so unlike QuiBids, there is less strategy involved. It's a matter of setting your BR for a number of bids and going away.
lalasister (lalasister on about 1 year ago
You will not find a better site overall. Lots of auctions, good customer service and fast shipping. I was sick for over a month and my auction wins expired. When I contacted them they immediately gave me an extension. They are always running specials and fun contest. Try them you will not be disappointed.
GameOver (lilgorilla on over 2 years ago
Review:HappyBidDay closed my account (without issuing a refund for the bids i had left in my account), after asking me what they could do to make me happy & keep me bidding at HBD. I stated my dissatisfaction with the way they handled the technical issues I reported on an iPad2 auction. Lisa said I was trying to commit fraud & was just upset because I had lost (Fact: I chose to quit because of the tech issues). I bid there for almost 6 months, I won at least 71 auctions but lost many more, only reported 2 issues the entire time I bid at HappyBidDay. I believe they just did not want to refund the 832 bids I used, or worse void the auction and return the 13,100ish bids that were placed by everyone that participated (est $6k-$10k on a $499 item). No matter what their reason, they handled the matter unprofessionally and dishonestly (have all email correspondence). For more info you can find me at (GameOver aka lilgorilla) or on FaceBook (GameOver_Bidder)
gambit64 over 3 years ago
Review:lots of free bids, which can only be used on "Happy Face" auctions, and not much of anything else
Risk2Win (Risk2Win on about 21 days ago
ductman1979 (ductman79 on about 1 month ago
Ace1029 (Ace1029 on about 1 month ago
YOUWILLOSE (IDONTEVRQUIT on about 1 month ago
rexter65 (rexter65 on about 1 month ago
kgthan (kgthan on 2 months ago
Smurfsmine (smurfsmine on 2 months ago
aarontessier15 (unoriginal on 3 months ago
inspectadeck (BidRebel on 3 months ago
dfrost83 (dfrost83 on 3 months ago
BreakingBid (Meetlofe on 4 months ago
tifffrey14 (tifffrey14 on 4 months ago
Bidterror (Bid-Terror on 4 months ago
endofline (EndOfLine on 4 months ago
corsetgirl12 (JLC1102 on 4 months ago
MRose711 (MRose711 on 5 months ago
Nancymac59 (Nancymac59 on 5 months ago
maryeber (maryeber on 5 months ago
barbralou (BarBraLou on 5 months ago
AspieO1990 (AspieO1990 on 5 months ago
smeeds (smeeds1956 on 5 months ago
JUSTME53 (JUSTME53 on 6 months ago
Tarun1207 (tarun1207 on 6 months ago
digger13 (digger13 on 6 months ago
hunter14 (hunter14 on 7 months ago
lilly1953 (lilly1953 on 7 months ago
journeylsu (journeylsu on 7 months ago
cd4802 (cd4802 on 7 months ago
DONAHI (DONAHI on 7 months ago
Karen2055 (Karen2055 on 8 months ago
shopnsaven (shopnsaven on 8 months ago
drak24 (drak24 on 8 months ago
tibshrany (Dodgerman on 8 months ago
daveWHO (schanz0 on 9 months ago
cindyc (cindyc on 9 months ago
ladytet (ladytet on 10 months ago
sweetwine (sweetwine on 10 months ago
arewethryet1 (IDONTQUIT1 on 10 months ago
whatmeworry (whatmewory on 10 months ago
9BCSEMLOW (9BCSEMLOW on 10 months ago
dlc2558 (dlc2558 on 10 months ago
badmidder (stupid on 11 months ago
SanchezDrty (SanchezDrt on 12 months ago
trikester (Trikester on 12 months ago
ajbundy (ajbundy on 12 months ago
nofear623 (nofear623 on about 1 year ago
str8logik (str8logik on about 1 year ago
terryh (lbth214 on about 1 year ago
MyMagnum357 (TexasGypsy on about 1 year ago
windsong34201 (Seabreeze on about 1 year ago
yankeegirl19 (REDSOXFAN on about 1 year ago
gldnboynd (gldnboynd1 on about 1 year ago
Vada (Sweetheart on about 1 year ago
davebling1 (in4longhal on about 1 year ago
Joevint52 (Joevint52 on about 1 year ago
cheeky68 (cheeky68 on about 1 year ago
madbid700 (MADBID700 on about 1 year ago
ugetnextone (wilbid4evr on about 1 year ago
alans240 (alans240 on about 1 year ago
CappyHow29 (CappyHow29 on about 1 year ago
esepela (esepela on about 1 year ago
davidwright5000 (Getnextone on about 1 year ago
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DONTDOIT (DONTDOIT on about 1 year ago
born2run (linderling on about 1 year ago
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$139.00 RetailAmazon Fire TV +50 Bids about 7 days ago4,010$41.11unknown2U
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$149.99 RetailHamilton Beach 6Sp Stand Mixer +50 Bids about 7 days ago3,147$32.48buhbuhBID
$509.99 RetailDell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop +200 Bids about 7 days ago24,115$242.16rwbutler19
$189.99 RetailWowWee Roboraptor +50 Bids about 7 days ago1,362$14.63rexter65
$70.00 Retail2014 1oz Silver Eagle Round +50 Bids about 7 days ago399$5.00Rockonroll
$304.99 RetailAcer C720 Chromebook +150 Bids about 7 days ago9,411$95.12yungjonl
$185.00 Retail300 Bids Package about 7 days ago729$8.30atwork
$65.00 Retail$25 Gas Card (You Choose) +50 Bids about 7 days ago2,199$23.00crjewett
$65.00 Retail$25 Restaurant (You Choose) +50 Bids about 7 days ago30$1.319BCSEMLOW
$79.99 RetailNinja Master Prep +50 Bids about 7 days ago399$5.00tater1
$44.99 RetailGeorge Foreman Electric Grill +15 Bids about 7 days ago3$1.03naenae7
$72.99 Retail1oz Engelhard Silver Bar +50 Bids about 7 days ago174$2.75Sw33tPea26
$434.99 RetailVIZIO 32-inch 720p LED HDTV +150 Bids about 7 days ago524$6.25Wynnepooh
$119.99 RetailRachael Ray Bakeware Collection +50 Bids about 7 days ago2,881$29.82Blueyz14
$15.00 Retail$15 Amazon Gift Card about 7 days ago1$1.03KadyJean
$159.00 RetailCanon Compact Laser Printer +50 Bids about 7 days ago48$1.49
$42.00 Retail$15 Amazon Gift Card +30 Bids about 7 days ago149$2.50wccomics
$65.00 Retail$25 Gift Card (You Choose) +50 Bids about 7 days ago496$5.97cutthroat
$65.00 Retail$25 Gift Card (You Choose) +50 Bids about 7 days ago1,899$20.00kingsteven
$65.00 Retail$25 Amazon Gift Card +50 Bids about 7 days ago48$1.49TOPURBID8
$65.00 Retail$25 Gift Card (You Choose) +50 Bids about 7 days ago885$9.86gldnboynd1
$105.00 Retail150 Bids Package about 7 days ago26$1.26ineed2win


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