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Koo Deal is an online penny auction site owned by Koodeal inc.
3080 Carrefour Blvd
Suite 500
Laval, Quebec  H2T 2R5
Facebook: on Facebook
Buy It Now Available:Yes [details]
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]
Bid Prices:USD 0.67 - 1.00
CAD 30.00 for 30 bids (USD 1.00 ea.)
CAD 75.00 for 100 bids (USD 0.75 ea.)
CAD 105.00 for 130 + 20 bids (USD 0.70 ea.)
CAD 199.00 for 255 + 30 bids (USD 0.70 ea.)
CAD 399.00 for 530 + 70 bids (USD 0.67 ea.)
Types of items sold on Koo Deal: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Digital & Video Cameras, Electronics, Food, Beverage & Kitchen, Gift Cards, MP3 & Audio
Special Offers Available on Koo Deal

Loyalty Rewards
Earn $1 in Loyalty Bucks for every $1 spent on bid tokens. Use your loyalty bucks to get large discounts on popular items.

Refer your friend(s) and receive 20% of the value of their purchases to your kooDeal account.
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IgetwhatIwant about 1 year ago
Review:Koodeal is not shipping. It is big problem. I bought bids, won some auctions, but my winninigs were never shipped.
Goinggoingsold (Goinggoingsold on over 2 years ago has scammed me and other members of my family out of hundreds of dollars and still have not sent our wins they owe us, after we complained they kicked us off their site and keep our money. This is nothing more then a scam and should be shut down!
mdish (mdish35 on over 2 years ago
Review:I won a gas card from Petro Canada on this site on October 15 and it is now Jan 4 and I have not received it. I have sent many emails to them asking about this and they will not respond. Looks like this site is a major scam!!!
asaliah (asaliah on over 2 years ago
Neverwalks (Neverwalks on over 3 years ago
jamiethegoalie (jtg2933 on over 3 years ago
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