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Marker Bids
Tampa, FL
United States
Phone Number: (813) 454-1407
Support Email:
Facebook: on Facebook
Twitter: markerbids
Buy It Now Available:No
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:No
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]
Bid Prices:USD 0.69 - 1.00
USD 19.99 for 20 bids (1.00 ea.)
USD 39.99 for 40 + 3 bids (0.93 ea.)
USD 69.99 for 70 + 6 bids (0.92 ea.)
USD 99.99 for 100 + 44 bids (0.69 ea.)
USD 149.99 for 150 + 26 bids (0.85 ea.)
USD 199.99 for 200 + 56 bids (0.78 ea.)
USD 249.99 for 250 + 87 bids (0.74 ea.)
USD 299.99 for 300 + 129 bids (0.70 ea.)
Retail Value SoldMarker Bids sold a total retail value of $4,350 in auctions over the last 7 days.
17th out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
Value ReturnedFor each $1.00 spent by bidders, Marker Bids sold about $0.89 in items.
8th out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
Types of items sold on Marker Bids: Paintball Equipment

Reviews and Ratings for

Ryguy272 (Ryguy2727 on about 14 days ago
Review:Love this site!!
deadman1980 (deadman1980 on about 1 month ago
Review:Fun site and great items. The owner provides great Customer Service.
Hornet55 (Hornet on 2 months ago
Review:Great site. Great quality in items offered and great/useful exchange of information on the associated forum.
alt101 (Alt101 on 5 months ago
Review:Great site and great community around it
Mendy6535 (Mendy6535 on 6 months ago
Review:Great site a lot of fun.
fatalfusion187 (fatalfusion187 on 12 months ago
Review:great nice and helpful community, owner is extremly reliable
torroxify (Torroxify on about 1 year ago
Review:Mike is the man! Great community as well.
kiabuckets over 2 years ago
Review:great site with a great owner!
Bobflob6 (Bobflob6 on about 21 days ago
boringguyjames (boringguyjames on about 28 days ago
bobced (bobced on about 1 month ago
slashmeow (slashmeow on about 1 month ago
Coach (coachstatsman on about 1 month ago
spoolintil30 (spoolintil30 on about 1 month ago
jsandoval (Jsandoval_11 on 3 months ago
arnoldsq (arnoldsq on 3 months ago
SteelCutterGuy (SteelCutterGuy on 3 months ago
BDFresh (BDFresh on 3 months ago
firefail (FireFail on 3 months ago
CRS0629 (CRS0629 on 4 months ago
Acid80 (Acid80 on 4 months ago
Phatdad33 (PlatypusOne on 4 months ago
mhearn (mhearn on 4 months ago
xxxlulbotxxx (x_xlulbotx_x on 5 months ago
df713713 (df713713 on 5 months ago
YoungGun808 (Younggun808 on 5 months ago
Sammy0405 (Sammy0405 on 5 months ago
Michaelfletcher (michaelfletcher on 6 months ago
johnnys5 (johnnys5 on 6 months ago
ShadowMk3 (ShadowMk3 on 6 months ago
beefboi2010 (Beefboi2010 on 7 months ago
geoboy4000 (geoboy4000 on 7 months ago
username1 (username1 on 8 months ago
ghostmeat (ghostmeat on 8 months ago
Gecko56781 (gecko5678 on 8 months ago
Paintball14 (Paintball14 on 8 months ago
nath129 (nath129 on 8 months ago
brently17 (brently17 on 8 months ago
TheGambler (Downfall on 8 months ago
magyar86 (Magyar86 on 8 months ago
mrdoenutz (mrdoenutz on 9 months ago
exoturtle (exoturtle on 9 months ago
iBlakeRG (iBlakeRG on 9 months ago
grunt12g (grunt12g on 9 months ago
ufgators36 (ufgators36 on 10 months ago
shermkh (ShermKH on 10 months ago
tomo218 (tomx218 on 10 months ago
Kip7c (kip 7c on 11 months ago
keenan51 (keenan51 on 12 months ago
nl2 (nlsquare on about 1 year ago
allgame14 (allgame14 on about 1 year ago
airreak (AIRREAK on about 1 year ago
pooheman (pooheman on about 1 year ago
dcollier (Dcollier on about 1 year ago
trilas9121 (Rank1Baller on about 1 year ago
matrixarp (_Rambo_ on about 1 year ago
xDRevZ (xDRevZ on about 1 year ago
OldBallz (OldBallz on about 1 year ago
sneakingsnacks (SneakingSnacks on about 1 year ago
hicpal (hicpal on about 1 year ago
Grayzen (Relentnow on about 1 year ago
antsand95 (Sandoval_Enterprise on about 1 year ago
Gnomepoacher (Gnomepoacher on about 1 year ago
aacash (Aacash on about 1 year ago
gallo203 (gallo203 on about 1 year ago
poelulu (luluthemonk on about 1 year ago
stone202 (stone202 on about 1 year ago
kevrop19 (kevrop19 on about 1 year ago
Squash0212 (Squash0212 on over 2 years ago
mjb45631 (mjb45631 on over 2 years ago
PBGirl (PBGirl on over 2 years ago
heman101 (Heman101 on over 2 years ago
macloacas (macloacas on over 2 years ago
pennysaved (pennysaved on over 2 years ago
Andreasa83 (acke83 on over 2 years ago
CrewNYC (CrewNYC on over 2 years ago
hvernaza25 (hvernaza25 on over 2 years ago
hidekliq (hidekliq on over 3 years ago
nej1140 (Nej1140 on over 3 years ago
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Category Statistics for Items Sold on in the last 7 days

Bid Packs





  All Categories21$4,102.82$59.81$4,126.8998.00%
Last 25 ended auctions on MarkerBids.comBidsSold ForWinner
$199.99 RetailVirtue Clock Chronograph about 11 hours ago737$7.37simplejack
$39.99 RetailPick a new Goggle Lens about 13 hours ago200$2.00JohnMitchell
$99.99 RetailRaza Personalized Jersey (Name & #) about 14 hours ago108$1.08snsuns13
$12.99 Retail5 Pack of Swabs about 15 hours ago39$0.39skunkyone
$99.99 Retail40 Smoke Pods about 16 hours ago148$1.48coachstatsman
$219.99 RetailEmpire Super Freak Barrel Kit 1 day ago596$5.96Mendy6535
$799.99 RetailDM12, Ego 11 or Axe OLED - Beginner 1 day ago478$4.78Reckface87
$29.99 RetailValken Paintball Hauler 1 day ago21$0.21jaleel
$189.99 RetailPlanet Eclipse 2014 Pants - Rookie 1 day ago94$0.94phamous08
$29.99 RetailDye Multitool about 3 days ago39$0.39addison0630
$300.00 Retail$300 ANSGear Shopping Spree about 3 days ago139$1.39pooheman
$79.99 RetailHK Shredder Cleats - u pick about 3 days ago346$3.46allgame14
$99.99 RetailANSGear Master O-Ring Kit about 3 days ago42$0.42logan713
$459.99 RetailEmpire Axe - Beginner Auction about 3 days ago2,571$25.71squidmountain
$100.00 Retail100 Bid Pack about 4 days ago265$2.65DjPLaTiNuM
$499.99 RetailDJI Phantom about 4 days ago19$0.19duckofdeath
$129.99 RetailDeadlywind Fibur-X Barrel about 4 days ago129$1.29Sammy0405
$219.99 RetailVirtue Spire 260 about 5 days ago145$1.45Azammetti
$89.99 RetailULTRA Evil Paintballs about 5 days ago93$0.93ghostmeat
$99.99 RetailDye Escape Backpack 2014 about 5 days ago28$0.28raxable
$100.00 Retail100 Bid Pack about 6 days ago95$0.95DownLowTooSlow
$239.99 RetailPlanet Eclipse HDE Gearbag - Rookie about 7 days ago628$6.28Bukue1
$199.99 RetailSmart Parts SP-1 about 7 days ago38$0.38farquado
$99.99 RetailBates UL 8in Tactical Sport Boot about 7 days ago28$0.28bigbadballard
$219.99 RetailEmpire Super Freak Barrel Kit about 8 days ago675$6.75squidmountain


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