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Outdoorsman Auctions is an online penny auction site owned by Shaw's Outdoors, Inc.
3531 W 3000 N
Smithfield, UT  84335
United States
Phone Number: (435) 752-7000
Support Email:
Facebook: on Facebook (1,289 fans)
Buy It Now Available:Yes [details]
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:No

Outdoorsman Auctions offers 10 free bids to new users.
Bid Prices:USD 0.54 - 0.60
USD 30.00 for 50 bids (0.60 ea.)
USD 60.00 for 100 bids (0.60 ea.)
USD 175.00 for 300 bids (0.58 ea.)
USD 285.00 for 500 bids (0.57 ea.)
USD 540.00 for 1000 bids (0.54 ea.)
Facebook FansOutdoorsman Auctions has 1,289 fans on Facebook.
16th out of 22 entertainment auction sites with Facebook pages.
Retail Value SoldOutdoorsman Auctions sold a total retail value of $12,740 in auctions over the last 7 days.
13th out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
Value ReturnedFor each $1.00 spent by bidders, Outdoorsman Auctions sold about $1.56 in items.
6th out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
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Champion Wheely Bird Trap Thrower
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Gander Mtn $500 Gift Card
about 1 year ago   Source: Facebook   (Permalink)
about 1 year ago   Source: Facebook   (Permalink)

Reviews and Ratings for

Review:I have been on this site for a awhile now and love it even more than the first day i started by far. If you like to hunt or fish this is the site. I have some very nice wins now that i couldn't be happier with. SHOPPING WITH A RUSH! is sorta like buck fever. even on the off season, didn't win? They have a Buy It Now! Then you own it plus you'll get your bids back. I have won great gear/gift cards that i would a never bought for myself. Thank You! OutDoorsManAuctions
dontgothere 8 months ago
Review:Bidding patterns in a lot of these auctions definitely signal shill/bot bidders. Sad I didn't trust more of these reviews and had to invest as much as I did to figure this out.
drummerboy (drummerboy on about 1 year ago
Review:My review is a joke??? Your site is a "complete JOKE".
Your site is geared towards a select type of bidder? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Legit reviews DONT LIE!

Again, if you have no objections to throwing your money away, feel free to bid on this riddiculous site!

By the way.....Its this type of site that will ruin this industry! Of course not sending items to winners is equally problematic, but we know you dont have to worry about that....dont we ; )

Ask ANY legitimate bidder, check any legitimate forum and they will all say the very same thing.....OA.COM is a SCAM BOT PA site! PERIOD!
Site Owner Response:This review is a complete joke. His reasoning for thinking we use bots is completely ridiculous. We run a PA site that offers a very focused product. This brings bidders that may not bid on other sites that offer different products. We are a hunting/fishing pa site and we attract hunters and fishermen. We want hunters and fishermen to bid on our site and not professional bidders. We absolutely dont use bots of any form.
mwilliams (mwilliams on about 1 year ago
Review:On three seperate bids I have bid against what I precieve to be "bots". When bidding it will accept all my bids till the last one....where despite having many bids to place the site would not allow my bid. This happened on three occasions...I even bought a few more bids to allow my wife to try (she didn't believe me) low and behold....bam same result. This site is at best flawed and at worst rigged. I will tell all outdoor enthusists to stay away untill I am givin a reasonable explanation.
Site Owner Response:This bidder was given an exact reason for this issue. He is bidding from a remote location and is on a slow/delayed internet connection. The problem with bidding on a slow internet connection is sooner or later your internet delays and your bid isn't received by our system and the auction ends. It doesn't make sense for us to set up a system that doesn't accept bids. We make more money when more bids are used so why would we want to stop a bidder from bidding more. The site is neither flawed nor rigged. However it does rely on a good consistent internet connection to work correctly. I can show in our data logs each time this bidder was losing connection to the site due to his faulty connection and it was all the time. We have an internet monitor that shows the bidder next to the bid button how strong his internet connection is and we record this info for each bidder. This bidder's monitor was dropping constantly while he was bidding.
biddin2buyit (biddin2buyit on about 1 year ago
Review:Lost $100 due to bots and shill bidding. Avoid at all costs
Site Owner Response:This guy lost a couple auctions and then choose not to use the buy it now and get there bids back. If you stop bidding and someone else keeps bidding then you loose. How is that our fault.
Tarheelpwr (GunCollector on about 1 year ago
Review:Great site! Deals can be had and a VERY stand-up owner. Highly recommended.
Tracker (Tracker on about 1 year ago
Review:It jumped to the 7 minutes 3 times in a row for a total of 21 minutes. That is not a break it is a vacation. Part of bidding is to be ready if you are not and time runs out, that is to bad for you but it is the way it works. To give someone 7 minutes while the bidding is going on is not fair to the other bidders and only profits the auction site. Like I said before total ripoff. Maybe it works like something used to work, but it must not have been to good if it is no longer being used, get a clue. Not to mention when I was bidding it zeroed out twice then took time to look for late bidderfs. once agin for the site not the customer.
Site Owner Response:Our autobid works similar to how Swoopo used to work. When an autobid is added and fires a bid, it resets the clock to 20 seconds. When 2 autobids are added they battle against each other until one runs out of bids. It also adds 20 seconds to the clock per bid to a maximum of 7 minutes. The reason for the autobid is to allow a bidder to set and take a short break from bidding. The clock jumps to a maximum of 7 minutes to allow for this break. If bidders would like this change we will definitely consider it.
hellbent (HELLBENT on about 1 year ago
Review:4 1/2 hrs on an auction bidding & watching there bots/shills keep me and other real player from winning. This site is a total scam... And I agree with TRACKER the timer is not consistant.
Site Owner Response:We absolutely dont use any bots or shilling. This bidder lost this auction because his wireless internet connection switch towers and caused a delay in his internet service that kept him from bidding and the auction ended. We still refunded his bids. If a site having other bidders means it is a scam then all penny auctions sites are scams.
newbasaur over 2 years ago
Review:after watching 2 bots battle and each bid FAR FAR FAR more then item value im convinced its a scam.

This guy has all sorts of sketchy websites schemes too. A little google fu and You can pull up everything you want to know about [name removed]
Site Owner Response:We cant control what bidders are willing to pay to win an auction. Some bidders get in deep and will not stop bidding and end up paying more than retail. This is a risk you have to except with penny auctions. This happens on all penny auction sites and doesnt mean it is a scam. We absolutely don use bots. I dont know what he is talking about with other sketchy websites. This is the only website i own.
Children (Children on about 24 days ago
BidRidder (BidRidder on about 1 month ago
rexter65 (rexter65 on about 1 month ago
Waco6 (Waco6 on 2 months ago
dontjumpmebro (donthuntmebro on 2 months ago
SassyMe (SassyMe on 4 months ago
iceman373 (iceman373 on 4 months ago
9BCSEMLOW (9BCSEMLOW on 6 months ago
southeasthunter (southeasthunter on 6 months ago
berettaindy37 (berettaindy37 on 8 months ago
deeppockets85 (deeppockets85 on 9 months ago
tdarbonne (tdarbonne on 12 months ago
dzignrtastz (dzignr_tastz on about 1 year ago
gldnboynd (gldnboynd on about 1 year ago
backinwater (backinwater on about 1 year ago
mbmrang (mbmrang on about 1 year ago
davidwright5000 (justg1ve1tup on about 1 year ago
cheeky68 (cheeky68 on about 1 year ago
nixnutz7897 (nixnutz7897 on about 1 year ago
cwn19 (CantWinNow09 on about 1 year ago
SketcheeWon (RealSketcheeWon on about 1 year ago
NOQUITTER (NOQUITTER on about 1 year ago
bemac (bemac on about 1 year ago
Bidder4Life (Bidder4Life on about 1 year ago
bidhappy (hunterchick on about 1 year ago
needahobby (needahobby on about 1 year ago
Cataplexy95060 (Cataplexy95060 on over 2 years ago
MyBid8Urs (MYBID8URS on over 2 years ago
hartley929 (hartley929 on over 2 years ago
js1956 (js1956 on over 2 years ago
moose1515 (moose1515 on over 2 years ago
NOChance (NoChance on over 2 years ago
LadyK (LadyK on over 2 years ago
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  All Categories58$13,040.00$160.06$9,568.80134.03%
Last 25 ended auctions on OutdoorsmanAuctions.comBidsSold ForWinner
$300.00 RetailGamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle about 4 hours ago3,131$31.32rexter65
$200.00 RetailDick's Sporting Goods $200 eGift Card about 5 hours ago150$1.5167SHELBY
$800.00 RetailMallard View Outdoors Power House Ice Eater about 6 hours ago33$0.34Musicalfishing
$60.00 Retail100 Bids Voucher Pack about 8 hours ago60$0.61Gary789
$75.00 RetailDicks Sporting Goods $75 eGift Card about 8 hours ago6$0.07Molder
$60.00 RetailMojo Outdoors Mojo Teal Decoy about 9 hours ago119$1.20buck4x4
$30.00 Retail50 Bids Voucher Pack about 9 hours ago68$0.69Maxpower
$50.00 RetailGolden Corral $50 Gift Card about 10 hours ago7$0.08NOQUITTER
$200.00 RetailHome Depot $200 eGift Card 1 day ago965$9.66CARLSBADIAN
$850.00 RetailTraeger Lil' Tex Elite Pellet Grill 1 day ago91$0.92backoffjack
$265.00 RetailCaldwell Stable Table Shooting Bench 1 day ago10$0.11nitrogag
$60.00 Retail100 Bids Voucher Pack 1 day ago16$0.17bidsharkwins
$75.00 RetailWalmart $75 Gift Card 1 day ago353$3.54Billythekid
$45.00 RetailFlying Arrow Archery Toxic 100gr Broadheads 1 day ago5$0.06gottaget1
$45.00 Retail75 Bids Voucher Pack 1 day ago9$0.10SIRBIDSALOT
$50.00 RetailRed Robin $50 eGift Card 1 day ago11$0.12ONEEYE
$200.00 RetailSierra Trading Post $200 eGift Card about 2 days ago455$4.56CantWinNow09
$300.00 $300 eGift Card about 2 days ago1,283$12.84realGANGSTER
$450.00 RetailFOXPRO Firestorm Electronic Game Caller about 2 days ago256$2.57Badboy
$300.00 RetailCaldwell Shootin' Gallery about 2 days ago11$0.12fsmith3
$120.00 Retail200 Bids Voucher Pack about 2 days ago118$1.19hawk6632
$100.00 RetailBrownells $100 eGift Card about 2 days ago205$2.06Ghostiepoo
$70.00 RetailKolpin Gun Boot 6.0 ATV Scabbard about 2 days ago2$0.03redcobra
$60.00 Retail100 Bids Voucher Pack about 2 days ago119$1.20DIRTNAPTIME
$250.00 RetailNikon Monarch 3 10x42 Binoculars about 2 days ago15$0.16Celineanvin


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