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Sticky Bids is an online penny auction site owned by StickyBids USA L.L.C.
4132 Atlanta Hwy
Suite 110-200
Loganville, GA  30052
United States
Support Email:
Facebook: on Facebook
Twitter: winatstickybids
Buy It Now Available:Yes [details]
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]

Sticky Bids offers 5 free bids to new users.
Bid Prices:USD 0.54 - 0.70
USD 9.99 for 30 bids (0.33 ea.) [notes]
USD 49.00 for 100 bids (0.49 ea.) [notes]
USD 28.00 for 40 bids (0.70 ea.)
USD 42.00 for 60 bids (0.70 ea.)
USD 70.00 for 110 bids (0.64 ea.)
USD 175.00 for 275 bids (0.64 ea.)
USD 315.00 for 550 bids (0.57 ea.)
USD 595.00 for 1100 bids (0.54 ea.)
TRUSTeThis site is verified by TRUSTe. The privacy statement and practices of this site have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with their strict program requirements.
Types of items sold on Sticky Bids: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Computers, Electronics, Gift Cards, Kids Games & Toys, MP3 & Audio, Video Games & Consoles, Women's Fashion & Accessories
Special Offers Available on Sticky Bids

Refer a friend and earn 10% in residual free bids on each and every bundle they purchase.

Reviews and Ratings for

Am2PmRN (Am2PmRN on 9 months ago
Review:All stats were removed unfortunately (since this was my main bidding site for a long time). They shut down shortly after I filed a huge charge back for thousands in unshipped wins.
dayplayer (dayplayer on about 1 year ago
Review:Just waiting for their return
ichanel (ichanel on over 2 years ago
Review:This site should not be trusted. They take months to ship wins if they actually ship them. Or they will close your account if you "bother" the with emails asking for your items. They also have a habit of lying publicly and exaggerated the truth to make themselves look like a legitimate company. They are not.
madbid700 (Extraxxl on over 2 years ago
madbid700 (Extraxxl on over 2 years ago
wannaboogie (wannaboogie on over 3 years ago
SassyMe (SassyMe on over 3 years ago
GameOver (GameOver on over 3 years ago
NinjaBidder (NinjaBidder on over 3 years ago
nixnutz7897 (nixnutz7897 on over 3 years ago
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