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You Never Lose is an online penny auction site owned by, LLC.
North Hollywood, CA
United States
Phone Number: (888) 218-0994
Support Email:
Facebook: on Facebook
Twitter: you_never_lose
Buy It Now Available:No
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]
Bid Prices:USD 0.00
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Special Offers Available on You Never Lose

Reward Point System
You purchase reward points (aka “bids”) in $25 increments (each dollar equals one reward point), and get a reward card to a retailer of your choice (including restaurants, movie tickets, LLBean, Nike Store, etc.) for the same amount you spend. Reward cards are shipped free and arrive in your mailbox in 2 to 4 business days. Yes, this means your reward points are FREE after netting the value of your reward card!

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Kevenf (Kevenf on 10 months ago
Review:This is a really good site if you happen to plan on spending a lot of money at one of the merchants that this site offers gift cards for sale at face value. This is because you need lots of bids to win any of the gift cards being auctioned, and your bids come from the gift cards you have purchased at face value. I wish they offered gift cards for sale for merchants I spend my money at regularly - but they don't.
WildSalmon 10 months ago
Review: I was trying the site and this is what happen. An amount of bids disappeared from my account. I contacted them, but could not prove them wrong... Then I used my bidding history at APA and they still did not restored the bids even then. UPDATE: After some Emails they returned the missing bids and a bit more, so kudos to YNL for doing that and for providing follow ups with costumer service.
buster1119 (buster1119 on about 1 year ago
Review:This site allows you to purchase gift cards, and use the purchase price to bid on other gift cards. This is a win win auction. You never lose your money on bids.
bidclosing (bidclosing on 3 months ago
Pandora (Pandora on 9 months ago
sanctus24 (sanctus24 on 10 months ago
SusieQ (Tubamom on about 1 year ago
nixnutz7897 (nixnutz on about 1 year ago
redcobra1999 (RC1999 on about 1 year ago
Warlock (Warlock on about 1 year ago
SketcheeWon (Sketchee on about 1 year ago
tarth (Powerbid on about 1 year ago
sun30spot (sun30spot on about 1 year ago
sweetpeahasit (sweetpeaha on about 1 year ago
uanjum (uanjum on over 2 years ago
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