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for10cents is an online penny auction site owned by, Inc.
145 S Northwest Hwy
Park Ridge, IL  60068
Phone Number: (847) 337-8344
Support Email:
Facebook: on Facebook
Twitter: for10cents
Buy It Now Available:No
Exchanges Available:No
Win Limits:Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions:Yes [details]
Special Auction Type(s):Beginner Auctions, No Limit Auctions, Bid Back Auctions, Winner Take It All Auctions
Bid Prices:USD 0.10 - 0.15
USD 15.00 for 100 bids (0.15 ea.)
USD 30.00 for 200 bids (0.15 ea.)
USD 45.00 for 300 bids (0.15 ea.)
USD 70.00 for 500 bids (0.14 ea.)
USD 130.00 for 1000 bids (0.13 ea.)
USD 240.00 for 2000 bids (0.12 ea.)
USD 550.00 for 5000 bids (0.11 ea.)
USD 1,000.00 for 10000 bids (0.10 ea.)
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Types of items sold on for10cents: Bid Packs, Computers, Digital & Video Cameras, Electronics, Gift Cards, Home & Garden, MP3 & Audio, Sports & Fitness, Video Games & Consoles, Women's Fashion & Accessories
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Reviews and Ratings for

Francofut 7 months ago
Review:Follow up 10/2013
Over 2 years that this company has failed to made their accounts right. is a S C A M! Not only they took my money for bids! The also took the money I paid for shipping and 87% of my winnings were never honored. Maciej / President of this company made me believe the merge story for over 2 years! s c a m artist
crazycat8 (crazycat8 on 8 months ago
Review:won and paid for several items - have not received anything from them. Emails state they are having issue with investors. Site is currently non-active and says "coming back soon".
Kevenf (Kevenf on 10 months ago
Review:I had been a bidder on this site since my first "won" item in September 2012 (a gift card) until just before Christmas. I have never received anything I have won. They have responded to some e-mail inquiries with promises to ship. However, they do not ship. You spend and you win, but you never receive.
jtmurdock (jtmurdock on 11 months ago
Review:Whomever owns this site needs to be put in JAIL!!!!
Dontcarehowmanybids (WILLBANKRUPTU on about 1 year ago
Review:Won an auction on my 1st bid.
Still waiting for shipment.

Sounds like thes guys are auctioning off items they don't even have in stock.

I read in a forum that one bidder is still waiting for shipment from 2011!

Don't sound too trustworthy to me.
mreink (mreink on about 1 year ago
Review:This site is a scam! I won NUMEROUS items about 3 months ago and have yet to receive anything.

I've called and emailed multiple times and IF you get a response at first they tell you to be patient because they are behind in shipping but that your items will arrive eventually but after a couple of months they tell you that they are currently awaiting financial decisions on behalf of their investors and that they will contact you as soon as they know when they can ship but I've talked to many other people who have been scammed by this site and they all have said their items never arrived.

Why is this site still online getting new customers when they haven't shipped items won to current customers, some of whom have been waiting more than a year?

You can find negative reviews about them all over the net. They have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau site.

My best advice is to STAY AWAY LIKE THE PLAGUE.

If you have been scammed by this site please file a complaint with the Illinois Attorney Generals Office at:

We need to get this site closed down! If you are interested in more information on what you can do, including being a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit that I am in the process of trying to put together please email me at:
biddingerror (N/A on about 1 year ago
Review:I have been from hell and back with this Penny Auction site for over 2 weeks now.

And nothing is being resolved just people talking about how they are going to talk to the techs and get to the bottom if it. Which shows me they are trying to divert the whole situation that I won 2 auctions and they do not want to or even have the product. What I won was 1 $25 Amex card that they made it have to be verify before paying I called on a monday and they told me it would take 24hours before it can get verified the next day the whole history and claiming my winning was gone.. No way to pay or get the $25 Amex card..

My second winning was a $25 dollar deposit to my account that they told me after call me was won by an autobid even though it showed me as the final place winner and they did not want to do anything about it but tell me that the techs need to look it over



goodasb4 (goodasb4 on about 1 year ago
Review:Very poor shipping. Have not received a item in over 1yr. Don't bid on this site you will never get your items.
bleeto (Bleeto on over 2 years ago
Review:Its been 3 months since I won an auction and still have not received even a response back to my numerous emails about where the items are.
paladinApos (paladinApos on over 2 years ago
Review:One of my newbie favorites. Had some wins there. Out grew them though.o night bidding!
BenBeauvais over 3 years ago
Review:This is a hard site to win on. Same complaints about piss poor shipping and customer service plus super-power bidders. This is very much a site run by a few bidders, and for10cents is just there to (eventually) send them their seventh iPad....
cowboykenny (saveyourbids on over 3 years ago
Review:I have won several items worth a total of over $3,000 have not received any over 145 days so far contacted them several times and agree with Francofut the customer service department should all be replaced. shipping is terrible, I also contacted the bbb to find out they have a d- rateing.
gambit64 over 3 years ago
Review:too many power bidders, auto bid is a joke, spend your money on a site that controls PB better, same people winning all the time and it takes 4 - 6 weeks for deliveries...the more things change the more they stay the same
Bidstomper (Bonquiqui on about 1 month ago
cheeky68 (wingnut4ron on about 1 year ago
sodaman (sodaman on about 1 year ago
HillTwink (HillTwink on about 1 year ago
Ilovequibids (Ubetterstop on about 1 year ago
kaybear731 (Kaybear731 on about 1 year ago
NotMyMoney (BidBrakesRBroke on about 1 year ago
KletusKlump (JumpNuPay2X on about 1 year ago
Tkjohnson (Tkjohnson on about 1 year ago
reporterbw (reporterbw on about 1 year ago
delila69 (bidderbeware on over 2 years ago
asaliah (asaliah on over 2 years ago
MyBid8Urs (MYBID8URS on over 2 years ago
1mlbids (1mlbids on over 2 years ago
christopherr (christopherr on over 2 years ago
notnow (notnow on over 2 years ago
ThrowingStones (ThrowingStones on over 2 years ago
308d76d (308d76d on over 3 years ago
payback28 (payback28 on over 3 years ago
SketcheeWon (SketcheeWon on over 3 years ago
RosyCheeks (RosyCheeks on over 3 years ago
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Valhad (Valhad on over 3 years ago
GameOver (GameOver74 on over 3 years ago
nixnutz7897 (nixnutz7897 on over 3 years ago
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