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ibid2 S A V E offers 25 free bids to new users.
Bid Prices:USD 0.50 - 0.53
USD 21.00 for 35 + 5 bids (0.53 ea.)
USD 30.00 for 50 + 7 bids (0.53 ea.)
USD 45.00 for 75 + 10 bids (0.53 ea.)
USD 60.00 for 100 + 15 bids (0.52 ea.)
USD 150.00 for 250 + 50 bids (0.50 ea.)
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Value ReturnedFor each $1.00 spent by bidders, ibid2 S A V E sold about $8.61 in items.
2nd out of 23 penny auction sites that tracks.
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jandkohio (jandkohio on about 24 days ago
Review:I've used DealDash and Beezid in the past, and decided to switch to this site yesterday. Here is what you should know:

-- Most live auctions do not sell, and there is a reason for this. Most prizes seem to be "eGifts" with numerous caveats (i.e., $200 hotel eGift is valid on 6+ night stays only and can be used using an external site that does not seem legitimate). Shipping and handling is EXTREMELY expensive for the cost of the items, and the "Auction Fee" is outrageous. You're not winning anything at a deal because between shipping and handling and the auction fee, you'll end up paying retail or above- even on a 1-cent win!

-- There are a few "featured auctions" going on at any hour. For example, a featured auction may be a $20 gift card to Target. However, you will pay almost $8 in shipping and handling and auction fees, even if you win the item for a penny... and because these feature auctions seem to be few and far between, all the others who bought bids/won promo bids on the "live auctions" are fighting for these products.. and the seem to be next to impossible to win, especially at a decent value.

I made the mistake of registering on this site and not looking at shipping and handling and auction fees because Beezid and DealDash don't require either of these. Ended up buying a Treasure Chest for a penny and ended up paying almost $40 for it in auction fees and shipping and handling. If the items they send me are the same items they offer in live auctions, I can't wait to get it in the mail and be frustrated that I ended up with a cheap plastic accessory for a phone I don't have, and an "eGift."

If it's too good to be true, it probably is! They got my $21 for a bid pack and $40 for my "Treasure Chest" but they will not get another dime from me. Run away fast and DO NOT buy any bids on this site. Biggest scam going!
sanitytbd (sanitytbd on about 1 month ago
Review:I purchased a treasure chest valued at $375, and the shipping was a whopping $15.99 on top of the auction fee of $18.71. I received my treasure chest today. Want to know what I got? A very LIGHT, TINY box containing a usb car charger (by the way, shipping for this alone in other auctions is only $2.99), and a SINGLE piece of paper that says I can take time off work, pay someone to watch my kids, pay for a ride to the airport, pay for a flight to Florida, pay for a hotel, pay for transportation to get to the cruise site, pay $59 per person for charges and taxes, and somehow enjoy a 2-night "free" cruise. Last I checked, it didn't cost $13 to mail a piece of paper either. I was also very upset that the "treasure chest" didn't contain anything I could actually use. This extremely expensive piece of paper that calls for a lot more money that I don't have to be spent to actually get anything out of it is going in the trash. I suppose I could regift the car charger to someone who actually has a car, but was it worth me paying the auction fee of $18.71 plus $15.99 shipping and handling? No way. I did a test-run, and I will not be using this site any longer. They got me, but they won't get me anymore.
thePone (thePone on 4 months ago
Review:If it had a "do not go to button" Id go with that. u have to pay an auction fee to get this cheap crap. I agree with bph123. This site sucks megabuckets!


gellatly (gellatly on 4 months ago
Review:Everybody overbids and then with the fees it's impossible to save anything on this site.
paladinApos (paladinApos on 4 months ago
Review:They used to be great with all night gift card auctions,now they are giving away "vouchers" for stuff! So annoying!
GingerStar 4 months ago
Review:Worst Site ever, Big Rip-Off Won an Auction on 12/16/2013 for a $200 Visa Card, For $102 Paid immediately, Checked my email in the evening Stating there was a Glitch in the Auction and that it would be Re-listed. Checked the Site and they Cancelled MY auction that I won and Paid For Not to mention I Stayed all Morning trying to Win Said auction. And Bids invested are not returned after all this, Worst Site You Can Think of going on........ Please Do your research and Find another site.... Don't waste Your time.
Diane7490 (diane7490 on 4 months ago
Review:after I won and paid for it, 2 days after they froze my account, which I dont know why. and FYI, I sent them an email, but no response!! what a shame!!!
bph123 (bpathav on 4 months ago
Review:I can not tell you how much money I have spent, time I have wasted, and hairs i HAVE PULLED OUT since i LEFT DEAL DASH AND TRIED MY LUCK HERE. I didn't go to "hit the jackpot" but I did think if I paid for something I would get it. Or get an explanation, or something, They won't even answer the emails. Save your money...BTW I play for fun but don't like to give my money away....that's NOT FUN!!!
Kevenf (Kevenf on 5 months ago
Review:I changed from mixed to "Like" due to the fact that I have won a couple of gift cards and I have received them without undue delay. That is more than can be said for the majority of the PA sites operating.
jpf7 (tinaphcr on 6 months ago
Review:Biggest rip off site yet. They add promo bids to everything along with the 10 percent fee which is hidden at the very bottom of the page. Of course I placed a bid before I actually understood the site so now no change of getting a refund. Basically threw a couple hundred dollars away just for joining. STAY A WAY FROM THIS SCAM....... You will pay retail for sure.It should be called IBID2SPENDOVERRETAIL
Site Owner Response:I am sorry to hear you didn't get a deal on anything with the bids you have purchased. ibid2SAVE is not the typical penny auction so it definitely takes some getting used to.

I have also PM'd you in order to help you further.
LoDilly (lodilly on 7 months ago
Review:Only spent about $40 and had over 1200 bids by the third day. I won a watch after I did some homework on it, so did get a deal, but forget about the gift cards. Way overpriced, between the crazy bidders ramping up the final price, the auction fee ($40 for a $200 gift card, and the free bids are worthless, since my average cost of a bid was 3 cents); so, I just look for something that is a break-even price or a deal. Plus, if someone forfeits their auction, you get an email asking you to buy it. I passed on all but one.

I have been able to win a couple of good prizes on this site, but it takes a long time to accumulate enough bids to compete. I did pay less than half price overall for a decent gift card and an iPad Mini, so I'm generally happy.
Site Owner Response:Glad to hear you had a good experience at ibid2SAVE.
bokeboy (bokeboy on 8 months ago
Review:I hadn't received several items for quite some time. emailed and got a response that my account was frozen due to logging in from different IP addresses. Well, yeah, I log in from home, work during lunch and breaks, on my smartphone or laptop when I'm traveling, etc.

I do understand they want to prevent users from having more than the permitted one account per household. However, it seems as though they should have sent an email to alert me that my account was frozen rather than waiting for me to contact them.

So, if you haven't been getting shipping notices for your items, you might want to send an email to check on it.
Site Owner Response:If you have still not received your items, please call our customer support number (1-888-240-5288) and ask to speak to Brent and I will personally look into it.
Karen2055 (honeeharly on 8 months ago
Review:Do not trust. Takes to long to receive cards, if ever. Plus you can tell some of the bidders are fakes.
Site Owner Response:First, I would like to say we have no fake/bot/shill bidders on ibid2SAVE. We are in the top 3 highest traffic penny auction websites so we naturally have high competition at certain times and on certain auctions.

Secondly, if you still have not received your gift cards, please call us at 1-888-240-5288 and ask for Brent and I will personally look into it for you.
stereolife (stereolife on 8 months ago
Review:If it wasn't for the exorbitantly priced auction fees, it would be possible to get some good deals. However, with the auction fees being what they are, I found it to be a total waste of time. Also, hiding the auction fees at the very bottom of each page item is very misleading to new users. The "item value" prices are also very inflated.
Site Owner Response:We have recently lowered our auction fees significantly and also added many new auctions. If you haven't already, come back and check out the site, I am sure you will like it much better.
whatmeworry (whatmeworrybj on 9 months ago
Review:I like this site. Easy to win on but the offerings are limited. Good customer service. Had an issue with a defective product and I contacted them by email. They answered promptly and sent me a new product immediately, didn't even have to send old one back!
7-25-13 just an update. Their customer service is still awesome. I just wish they gave a little more time to pay for wins. Sometimes you are on a win streak and don't want to break it but you may be strapped for cash to pay for wins ( we've all been there). They do need to start offering some better items though.
Site Owner Response:Thanks for writing about our customer support! We do our best to go above and beyond helping our bidders.

We are getting more new products on the site every week, so make sure to check back once in awhile if you have not done so. We strive to always continue to increase the number of unique products up on ibid2SAVE and I know we recently ordered a ton of new products that will be coming in over the next 3-4 weeks, so keep your eye out for them.
j12345 (J12345 on 11 months ago
Review:Hardly anything worthwhile to bid on. The jewelry is so overpriced, it is not even funny - you can buy the exact same items at the Helen Brett Gift and Jewelry shows for $5.00 - and there is no auction fee, shipping charges, nor the infamous free bids.

Auction Fees are ridiculous.

UPDATE: I did win two gift card in April, received shipping notification for both the beginning of May - it is now June 6 and I still have not received them - all emails requesting information go unanswered. Don't waste your time or money on this site.

Yooperguy (Yooperguy on 12 months ago
Review:Will never join again since they have racked up shipping and auction fees.
pete66 (pete66 on about 1 year ago
Review:Hefty Auction Fee!!
cheeky68 (wingnut4ron on about 1 year ago
Review:I have won many times on this site however, I have written them about a broken link when it comes to actually being able to purchase these items.. They have NOT responded as of yet and I have now lost all the items that I bid on. The shipping cost is too high and the price they charge for the auction is expensive.
windsong34201 (BetterQuitB42L8 on about 1 year ago
Review:I was surprised at checkout to find a $150 auction fee billed for winning a 2500 promo package. Although it was still a good price for that many bids, checkout was cancelled.
thejedhi (thejedhi on about 1 year ago
Review:If you pay the $99.00/yr. postage fee, this is a fairly good/easy site to win on with some nice items.
YIPPIEKIYA (YouveWon on about 1 year ago
Review:Hello again, The weekend I won the 22â TV and 2 Gift Cards that you are keeping, then locked out because of my user name YouveWon, I started with 3600 bids and only got back 500/600, Really is your site hurting that bad to keep my wins and my bids? Just because I only won the three auctions doesnât mean thatâs the only bids I placed. Thank You! YouveWon. Someone should really look into your Management/Rules/Law
Mulberry912 (Mulberry912 on about 1 year ago
Review:I won 13 (unlucky number) auctions for $20.00 gift cards each totaling $260.00 worth of gift cards. They were all PAID FOR. They ripped me off and never sent me a single gift card. WARNING.......DO NOT USE IBID2SAVE AUCTION SITE UNLESS YOU JUST WANT TO GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY WITH NOTHING IN RETURN.





Thismine99 about 1 year ago
Review:Never play any auction on this site..
I was bidding on Ipad auction, I purchased 500+100+250 bids and playing the auction. There is only one opposition guy named xxxx. I haven't found him in any bid voucher won list. I think this guy is fake and site is making money by using fake user accounts.
biddingerror (N/A on about 1 year ago
Review:I do not like the hidden fees they even add it to the bid viouchers higher than shipping prices

This site tricks you just by their url address
arshad (arshad on about 1 year ago
uthoughtu1 (uthoughtu1 on about 1 year ago
Review:This site is not worth it. They add bids to every auction so that the auction fee equals the value of the auctions. The shipping is awful. i waited for over a month for three auctions, one i haven't rec;d yet.
rulloff (Rulloff on about 1 year ago
Review:This site used to suck because their auction fees were WAY too high, but they have lowered all of them it seems to $4.99. Could be decent at these prices....
have2bid (have2bid on about 1 year ago
Review:Charge an outrageous auction fee
cvb1973 about 1 year ago
Review:Auction fees are ridiculous, you save no money! Go elsewhere!
NOQUITTER (NOQUITTER on about 1 year ago
Review:Lots of free bids, but Auction Fees are ridiculously high! Waste of time to bid there.
Neverstopin1 (neverstopin on about 1 year ago
Review:Site is a joke. They give away so many free bids that the auction prices go to high and then they hit you with an outrageous auction fee which can be more than the item is worth. Done with this site!!!
ibid2saveUser (ibid2saveUser on about 1 year ago
Review:Auction fees wasn't always as high as they are now. That's what's making this site a disgrace. They now charge 10% of the retail value of the item INCLUDING the "free" promo bids they toss in. The lower the actual retail value, the more "free" bids they throw in to drive up the auction fee price. They have all fee/shipping prices available to view b4 bidding, which is great, so my advice, do your homework & compare prices. Once you factor in auction fee price & shipping, most items can be purchased for cheaper on Amazon and with other retailers. For instance, they had a graphing calculator the other day which came to about $119 with fees & shipping & that wasn't even including the winning bid price. That same calculator was less than $100 on Amazon and that's with free shipping. So, what you're ultimately paying more for is the "free" bids. Not too much to get excited about because they give out free bids like cheap candy. Everyone has them. You know this because bids go on forever and it's nothing to see an item get close to retail value with NO ONE being forced to stop bidding because they've reached the "buy it now" price. Real savings come from gift cards (assuming the end bid isn't outrageous) and items like Ipod Touch and Kindle Fire. There's no question as to how much a gift card is worth, and the prices on those particular electronics are the same everywhere unless there's a weekly special somewhere that lets you get it cheaper. Apple charges $199 for the Touch and Amazon charges $199 for the Kindle. That's common knowledge. On ibid2save, the fee/shipping comes to about $50 for each. If you win the item for $50 or less, boom, you saved $100, no question. They have the same stuff up for bid over and over, so overall, I'd say they have about 4 or 5 items (counting all gift cards as one item) that it's worth it to actually bid on. The rest are a sham. With fees, it's a Rip-Off. Capital R, capital O. Even if you win them for a penny, you end up paying way too much. I have no complaints about the items, themselves. What you win, you receive. They give you 14 business days to receive the item, and you can pretty much guarantee they'll ship it out at the very last minute, no matter when you paid. I wish they wouldn't do that, but what are you gonna do? Considering what they're about these days, I'm just glad they send it out at all.
brwhi1 about 1 year ago
Review:Horrible customer service - I finally won another $20 gift card for over 18.00 - yeah I know I am stupid. This is the 2nd time I have not received my card - they froze my account trying NOT to send me the card I won the first time. Auction fees are ridiculous and If I do not receive my card soon I will be turning this site into the Attorney Generals office and better business bureau
statethetruth (aricisom on about 1 year ago
Review:They must be crazy over there. I won something for 15 cents, costing about 10 bids. They charged me 30.99 as an Auction Fee, on top of that they charged $19.99 for shiping on an item that weighted under one pond. I would not have saved any money shopping or playing on this site.
PACE2000 (PACE2000 on about 1 year ago
Review:Ridiculous auction fees that when combined with final auction price often surpass full retail costs +.
IHaveItNow (IHaveItNow on about 1 year ago
Review:HORRIBLE! AUCTION FEES are greater than the actual retail value of the product! Do a quick Google Search for the item and you will find it cheaper than the Auction Fee... AGAIN: You pay more than the product really costs no matter what you win it for!
capncrunch (Pattigirl1 on about 1 year ago
Review:They give you "promo bids" that can only be used of low value items. That sucks!!!
DollyRN (NOT4U2DAY on about 1 year ago
Review:Voucher bids easy to win but the transfer fees are crazy different than buying bids but they charge 3, 6 dollars crazy. The other auctions seemed to go on endlessly due to the overwhelming promo bids.
okiepat2000 (GETOUTTHEWAY on over 2 years ago
Review:Won several "bid" auctions but when I finally won gift card auctions they suddenly froze my account without explanation. Now, with over a dozen emails and phone calls failing to get a single reply, I want to warn others. STAY AWAY!!!!! FWIW, I have yet to receive a single gift card I won.
Site Owner Response:Have you since received your gift cards? From my end, it appears your account has been unfrozen and your cards shipped out quite some time ago. Please let me know.
neverstopin over 2 years ago
Review:neverstopin is a imposter on
DLFlyguy (bgood98 on over 2 years ago
Review:Have had an easy time winning, but the shipping AND processing fees are truly overpriced!
ilike100 (ilike100 on over 2 years ago
Review:Best Website Ever
2BIDORNOT2BID (2BIDORNOT2BID on over 2 years ago
Review:site has some kinks to work out, but overall nice site... has the potential to be a really good site..
gambit64 over 2 years ago
Review:Customer service is horrible. Get no response from OPEN REQUESTS
ladytet (ladytet on about 12 days ago
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$960.00 Retail100 Promo Bids + 4/3 Bonus Cruise about 2 hours ago1$0.01jrvada
$700.80 Retail5 Day/4 Night Escape to Mexico For Four about 2 hours ago1$0.01jrvada
$380.00 Retail$200 Vacation Gift Card! about 2 hours ago1$0.01jrvada
$65.00 RetailSilver Woven Crystal Clip-On Earrings + 50 Promo Bids about 2 hours ago1$0.01winxgirl6
$60.00 Retail"Love" Pearl Charm Necklace + 20 Promo Bids about 2 hours ago1$0.01Diablo23
$600.00 Retail3 Day/2 Night Nationwide Vacation Getaway For Four! + 500 Promo Bids about 2 hours ago1$0.01jrvada
$3,000.00 Retail5000 Promo Bids! about 2 hours ago1$0.50jrvada
$106.00 RetailSilver Pearl Butterfly Earrings + 100 Promo Bids about 2 hours ago2$0.02TRISHLADISH
$1,500.00 Retail2500 Promo Bids! about 2 hours ago1$0.50jrvada
$110.00 RetailRed Crystal Accented Silicone Quartz Watch + 75 Promo Bids about 2 hours ago1$0.01TRISHLADISH
$179.99 RetailMint Green Chevron Infinity Scarf about 2 hours ago1$0.01ckentshop
$380.00 Retail$200 Vacation Gift Card! about 3 hours ago1$0.01MikaBoo
$600.00 Retail1000 Promo Bids about 3 hours ago1$0.50grandpadillard
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$135.00 RetailWhite iPhone 5 Case Wallet + 100 Promo Bids about 3 hours ago1$0.01MikaBoo


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