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Introduction to Penny Auctions

Many people don’t know much about penny auction websites and the different benefits they can get while visiting one of them. These sites make the process of shopping for any number of items easier and more cost effective. You can easily get some items at a fraction of their normal price.

One thing that makes people enjoy these free bidding sites or penny auctions sites (sometimes with free bids) with  is that the process is very exciting. During the bidding process you will be able watch your bids increase as you get into the bidding war over any item you’re hoping to own. You can find thousands of items at much lower prices than department stores. This means you can do all the shopping right from the comfort of your home while saving large amounts of money, and to do this all you need to do is log on to any of these penny auction websites.

If you’re interested in buying any particular item but feel that you can’t afford it, visit these penny auctions as it is the perfect way to get it for less. There are thousands of items to choose from and there’s no limit to the different categories. You can easily choose from TVs, phones, electronics, jewelry, and even top fashion items such as dresses and handbags. Each of these categories have been designed to save you more money on the items you’ll normally find in any store.

Take your time to learn more about the process and the way these sites work. In no time you’ll be able to bid considerably well and start saving money. For the most part, these penny auctions use a very simple process that’s easy to learn. You just need to purchase a few credits in advance and then you can easily bid on all items you like. When you place your bid on any item, the credits are immediately deducted from the available token balance.

Penny Auction Frequently Asked Questions

How to win penny auctions?

In order to win penny auctions, you need to think and use some kind of strategy.

If you are new to bidding, we advise you to read a bit about penny auctions bidding on this site so your first experience will be a success and you won’t do any rookie mistake ! Here are a few tricks to look at as a new bidder:

Make your first bid experience on small penny auctions items that you don’t care about and are ready to lose, until you have more experience. So emotions won’t get in the way for your first attempt. Look at the auction until the end to see how far it can go in term of price, and in term of time.

Quibids and HappyBidDay penny auctions sites are great for begginners, maybe you can start there.

Penny auctions: how they work?

The way how penny auctions work is straight foreward.

Penny auctions are an online auction process and it requires users to pay to participate in auctions. This implies that penny auction bidders need to purchase ‘bid packages’. These bid packages contains several bids which can be placed on auctions. Generally, these are non-refundable, but there are sometimes exceptions.

During a penny auction, a timer counts down and the auction finishes when the time is over. In order to prevent from bid sniping, each bid placed near the end will extend the auction timer (for example: a bid in the last hour will extend the timer by one hour) . This makes sure that any penny auction bidders have the opportunity to bid on the auction.

The winner of a penny auction is of course the last bidder.

When is the auction ending?

Like traditional auctions, a penny auction does not have a fixed end time. An indicated time though, gives you an idea how how short the auction will be (one hour, one day, one week). But when the timer comes near to 00:00, is when things will start to become fun as bidder get excited, and some just waited the last minute to show their intention. Each time a bid is placed, more time is added to the clock. So, as long as there are active bidders, the penny auction will continue.

Can a penny auction last forever?

In theory it could, but trees don’t grow to the sky ! Some penny auctions may then end very quickly and others may last for hours.

What are penny auction free bids ?

Some sites give you free bids to test rides their service and make your learn about the process. Find more information on this free bids auction page.