The former Gas Club of America, with an incongruous website address of, is out and the new Cash Club of America is in. Visiting automatically re-routes users to The site has undergone a major facelift, changing almost all facets of their business' appearance.

A sensical choice of rebranding, this makes the website much more consistent. Prior to this change, the Gas Club of America auctioned off mostly gift cards to retailers of all sorts. Their name would have attracted people looking for savings on Shell, Exxon, or Mobile Gas gift cards, but in the end their branding didn't necessarily match their products. Add that their website didn't match their business name, and it's easy to see why the makeover was made. Now, their new label streamlines their website and their company to be much more understandable to potential customers. There's no more conflict between their brand, website, or product. The Cash Club of America auctions off cash, and in most cases wins come with extra bids.

Visit the Cash Club of America to view the changes they've made.

What do you think? Is the new website better than before? Are cash prizes more desirable than gift card selections to specific places?

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By: GUESSWHO | On: September 1, 2013 9:13 am (8 months ago)

Yes but there is major problems with structure...they have sponsors buying promo codes for a rangr of 1-5 dollers. They promise a gaurenteed beginners win or bids back until you do. Actually bids back either way. The 10.00 is then put in your back office.....BUT THEN YOU ARE SCREWED UNTIL YOU WIN ANOTHER cannot get your win of 10.00 until you win another auction.....PERIOD....because the minimum withdrawis 20.00.....I think theu need to go back to sending cardsfor beginners or lower the min withdraw amount otherwise you will have to spend a minimum of 25.00 in bids to get your "gaurenteed win" all the while the sponsor gets a matching 10.00....which they can quickly cash out because they are giving multiple codes out.
By: Troy | On: September 1, 2013 5:51 pm (8 months ago)

The reason so many penny auctions go out of business is because they try to copy the big guys. Not us! We do things a little differently.
There are a number of dynamics that I believe GUESSWHO did not understand about our club.
First the guaranteed win comes at absolutely no cost to the bidder. Their sponsor supplies the bids and the company covers the cost of the first win.
The key is the person that invited you wins when someone they refer wins. So if all a person wishes to do is come to the website win $10 and leave this website is not for them. If on the other hand a person wants to earn thousands from the penny auction business this is the perfect website.
Everyone that follows the plan will make money. It is impossible not to make money by following the plan.
Cash Club of America is much more than a penny auction. Penny auctions come a dime a dozen. We have a much bigger plan for our members.
Believe me there is much more money to be made on the back end than could ever be won by bidding. Just ask anyone of our members that follow the system and refer people to our auctions. If you follow the plan YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!
Again, if all you want to do is win $10 and leave, Cash Club of America is probably not the website for you. The member that invited you will profit tremendously but you will not unless you to decide to follow the system just like the person that refers you is doing.
Once you see the big picture you will never be able to go back to the old way.
Troy Mason

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