11 Ways to Improve Your Penny Auction Bidder StatisticsPublished on: November 6, 2013, 4:37 pm

Read this list of strategies to help you reverse the downhill motion of your stats, increase your chances of winning, and become a more powerful bidder overall.

11. Contact customer service before registering or buying a bidpack

A quick email before registering can help you gauge how supportive a website will be if you do need them in the future, especially if an error on their end negatively effects your stats. Beware--service representatives may try to coax you into making purchases before you're ready. Arm yourself with radar for genuinely good intentions.

10. Avoid using automated bidding tools

These should only be used for very short periods of time if you need to briefly step away from the auction and shouldn't be used as a winning strategy. Enabling the penny auction site to dictate when your bids are placed is a reckless way to spend your precious bids, especially if you're already in debt. Don't relinquish control if you're trying to get your stats on track. Be attentive and present.

9. No juggling, stick to one auction at a time

If your trying to pay attention to several auctions at once, any bathroom break, phone call, or downed power line can be the time-sucking distraction that ruins everything. Don't spread yourself thin; give all of your energy to one auction to make sure you spend bids in moderation.

8. Put yourself on a bidding budget

Strong bidders are experts at balancing time and resources. A good place to start is by purchasing bid packs that are the best value, even if it means buying more upfront. Be honest with yourself--how much you are willing to spend every day, week, or month? Make room for penny auctions in your everyday budget. Pinching pennies gives you more to spend on auction ammo.

7. Stay away from high value auctions

High value auction items, like TVs and iPhones, draw the most competitive bidders on the internet. These high stakes auctions are risky and typically full of power bidders. Winning one won't weigh enough to reverse the dwindling stats of a struggling bidder. Low value auctions for smaller items are more likely to attract beginning or casual bidders. Winning many small value auctions will effectively build up stats.

6. Do your research and choose auctions wisely

You can expect to see multiple auctions for the same item, so don't rush into an auction without doing a little research first. You may, otherwise, find yourself bidding at a particularly cutthroat time. You can use the APA search bar to look up specific products and see valuable data trends. Make an educated choice when selecting an auction to give yourself every possible advantage.

5. Know when to Buy It Now

Many major penny auctioneers offer the Buy It Now (BIN) feature that is saving bidders hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. DealDash and Beezid, just to name a few, provide a buy now option that allows bidders to put the cost of their spent bids toward the regular cost of the item. When possible, resort to BIN before you get in too deep. An overpriced win isn't worth it.

4. Check your APA stats often to monitor your progress

Like counting calories on a diet, the goal is to gain self-awareness to avoid making the same mistake twice. You can't make a strong strategy if you don't know what you want to work on. Wanting to not lose isn't a strategy; it's a goal. What do you need to change about your habits to help yourself succeed?

3. Recognize power bidders early

APA keeps track of power bidders in the Hall of Fame. Remembering these usernames will help you know when to bail, or resort to Buy It Now when possible, sooner rather than later. An expensive win against an aggressive player can only hurt you in the end.

2. Diligently commit yourself to your goals

When you make your budget, create a strategy, and set boundaries and limitations, don't let yourself get sucked into the addicting nature of an intense auction. You could accidentally slip back into old habits that got you into an undesirable position in the first place. Challenge yourself and utilize will power to change your course for the better.

1. Practice having a good attitude

Penny auctions are supposed to be fun! If you lose your cool, you're likely going to lose the auction, too, as frustration blurs your judgement. If you accept the risks early and make smart choices, you won't have anything to feel bad about in the end anyway.

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Reality-TV-watchers understand “flipping houses” to be the process by which people invest in low-priced homes and “flip”, or resell, them for more than their original cost. Powerful penny auctioneer Beezid is offering their users a chance to do some flipping of their own with the introduction of a new option to flip-your-wins-for-cash through their online store.

Traditional, online shopping marketplaces like Amazon or eBay offer a space for members to buy or sell products safely. Penny auction winners often turn to these types of sites as they accumulate an inventory of products won at low costs in penny auctions to sell for profit. Beezid has found a way to merge this winning/reselling process on their website by developing a flip-your-wins-for-cash option through their online store. Winners can instantly transfer their won goods to the online store and are paid-out by Beezid when their item sells directly.

The Beezid store is open to both Beezid members and all other general online shoppers, which makes for a large market of potential buyers. However, it costs a user $5.00 or 5% of the chosen selling price (whichever number is bigger is used: known on the receipt as the "transaction fees" charge) to flip an item.

Flipped items are denoted by a circled dollar sign icon with surrounding arrows. Sellers get to choose their price, but the products are price-capped at 20% off the regular retail cost. This winners-as-sellers model has created shocking savings that even outperform low prices on Amazon. For example, a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 sells on Amazon for $179.00, but a Beezid winner was spotted selling this product today for as low as $154.99 today. Many other flipped items we browsed in the store were being offered at similarly lower-than-normal prices. The Beezid store is excellent for buyers, but sellers should remember to take all their expenses into account (bids placed in initial auction, final selling price, flip price "transaction fee") before calculating a selling price to avoid potential losses. For sellers, it would be wisest to only flip items won using very few bids or for a very low final auction price.

Beezid's facebook page provided a helpful diaglogue of questions and answers between interested users and the mega auctioneer.

The process to flip your won Beezid items is very simple:

1. Click the "Flip" button next to items you wish to sell by visiting My Account, My Wins, or the Details Page of the auction where you won the item.

2. On the next page, you'll set your selling price, preview the item to make sure everything looks okay, and post your item.

3. Confirm that you're ready to flip that auction to the Beezid store, but be certain you're selling it for the right price because once you click "confirm", you won't be able to change the price for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the price can be edited once per day.

Important fine print to remember:

-"Flip" or "claim" (keep) won items immediately in your My Wins section.

-Any won items can be flipped except for Bid Packs.

-You may flip as many items as you want to sell, there are no flip limits!

-All purchased flipped products ship directly from Beezid, so unfortunately, you may not use the Beezid store to sell personal items or items from other websites.

There are 3 ways to be paid by Beezid for flipping items:

1. Your earnings can be deposited in your "Beezid Wallet", which you can use to buy items from the Beezid store or purchase Bid Packs. (There is a $10 purchase minimum and a $500 purchase maximum when using Beezid Wallet funds)

2. PayPal

3. Direct deposit to your personal bank account

What do you think? Will the new "flip" option be successful? Would you buy from the Beezid store over Amazon.com or other major retailers? What's on your list of pros-and-cons when deciding whether to flip your wins?

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This month, Quibids introduced "Locked Auctions". Essentially, these are jumper-free auctions in which no new bidders may enter the auction after it "locks". The auction becomes locked after a certain number of bids are placed. Patient jumpers, or bidders who let other people tire early in the auction before they jump in, are incredibly frustrating for bidders who get auctions going. Jumpers hold out for the moment they know that the other players begin to show exhaustion and then start bidding. In locked auctions, jumpers are no longer a threat.

Locked auctions will have a closed lock symbol in the upper left corner of the auction photo. The bid button will be gray-scaled and will say "Locked", indicating the bid button is out of commission for the remainder of the auction except to preexisting bidders.

Unlocked auctions will have an open lock symbol in the upper left corner of the auction photo (see this article's screenshot photo). The bid button will be blue and say "Bid".

Tricky jumpers will sometimes avoid these locked, or no-jumper auctions by participating very minimally--just enough to keep them in the game. With Quibids' locked auctions customers get locked out unless they are recent bidders.

To calculate when your last bid needs to be placed to keep participating once the lock closes, take the value price of the auction (Ex: a $100 gift card) and divide it by 4 (which is 25). You would need to have placed at least 1 bid within the last 25 minutes before the auction locks to be allowed to stay in.

Additionally, you cannot be locked out if you've invested a certain number of bids in the locked auction. The calculation above is the same--the value price divided by 4 is the minimum number of bids needed to hold your place in the auction after it locks (using the above example, 25 bids would grant you access to continue bidding).

To explore live auctions that will lock, visit Quibids.


BidCactus recently developed a new feature on their site to help bidders accumulate a little extra wealth. What they are calling "Bonus Tasks" are opportunities for bidders to access from their "To Do List". From the BidCactus homepage, the To Do List green button is located next to the red Buy Bids button in the top right corner of the window.

As bidders accomplish tasks on the To Do List, they earn a variety of bonuses. Each completed task will deposit either regular bids (the equivalent to standard, purchased bids), voucher bids (promotional or specially offered bids, or are won at auction, but cannot be refunded or used toward Buy It Now) into the users account, or they can earn points to be used in the Rewards Store.

Each task will have a particular time frame applied to it and earned credits for completed tasks are made automatically to a user's account.

Although these opportunities are totally optional, they offer BidCactus users easy ways to earn free bids and increase the fun of the game. It's another way to get involved, acquire bids, and ultimately increase bidding power in auctions.

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''Winner Take All'' Auctions Now Featured on BeezidPublished on: October 2, 2013, 3:05 pm

A new type of auction has been introduced on Beezid wherein the winner really does get to take it all, including all of their competitors' investments.

It's not unusual for Beezid to introduce new kinds of auction to their market, but these auctions are special above the rest. The victor of these auctions, denoted by a bold, circled "W" icon, essentially gets all of their own bids back they used to in the item while also getting back all the bids placed by the other bidders in the auction.

Bidders beware: clear your schedules before you enter one of these auctions. Expect many competitors, a major time commitment, and certainly anticipate that the auction price will jump up faster than any average 13-year-old at a Justin Beiber concert. If you aren't the winner, you're sure to be out a ton of bids, time, and energy. Ration accordingly.

The winner is still expected to pay the final auction price, a key mantra to remind yourself of if you do choose to enter one of these unique auctions as the price for these items is sure to be high. Researching the regular retail price of the item featured in a Winner Take All auction of interest will be essential to savings.

With too-good-to-be-true opportunities such as these, it's critical to remember the fine print and the limitations associated with these amazing offers.

Keep the following in mind with regard to Winner Take All auctions:

All of the bids placed in the auction retain their type once they're transferred to the winner's account, whether they were placed as regular bids, power bids, bonus bids, etc. and cannot be converted.

Unfortunately, promo bids placed in the auction will also keep their expiration date, even after being given to the winner.

In order to be eligible to bid in these special auctions, bidders will need to have already won all their "cherry" auctions.

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This promotion ended!

Though many of the original social media pioneers have seen demise in usage and popularity, MySpace being one of the most memorable to have fizzled, younger social media platforms have been propelled forward. From the ashes rose Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest who now co-dominate online networking.

Besides basic keeping-in-touch purposes, social media outlets open up doors for savings, coupons, and promotions to be shared.

For example, you can 'like' AllPennyAuctions on Facebook for the latest updates on these penny auctions savings opportunities, website changes on APA or your favorite auction sites, and for tips and tutorials to maximize your experience using AllPennyAuctions.com.

Quibids tweeted today, with very little time to act, that they'll be giving away 50 free bids to a twitter follower who RTs (retweets) the post by 4:00 pm central time. It does not specify how many users will be credited with free bids, but to be considered users should retweet soonest. These offerings are relatively frequent, but often come with a time limitation.

Connect with AllPennyAuctions on Twitter by following @allpenny to be quickly informed of similar savings opportunities in the future.

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Beezid's Labor Palooza 2 Boasts Big Weekend SavingsPublished on: August 30, 2013, 5:16 pm
This promotion ended!

In celebration of the long holiday weekend, Beezid is offering multiple ways to save.

Purchase $70 or more in bids and receive an extra 250% in bonus bids using promo code B2SBIDS.

The Labor Palooza 2 event is offering numerous bonus bid first (BBF) auctions, bid-for-free auctions, bonus bid packs, booster auctions, free shipping, power bids, and more.

The times these offerings will be made available are very specific and spread out through the weekend. Make sure to check Beezid's promotional page for an extensive calendar listing.

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End of the Summer Sale Available on DealDashPublished on: August 27, 2013, 2:31 pm

Celebrate the soon-to-be end of summer with DealDash. Bids are on sale for $0.18 each, providing a good opportunity to stock up for your freedom on Labor Day. As with most holiday periods, we can expect to see some specials to air soon.

All auction wins are 50% off at checkout.

This limited time offer does not have a specified end date.

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The former Gas Club of America, with an incongruous website address of GasCardAuctions.com, is out and the new Cash Club of America is in. Visiting GasCardAuctions.com automatically re-routes users to CashClubofAmerica.com. The site has undergone a major facelift, changing almost all facets of their business' appearance.

A sensical choice of rebranding, this makes the website much more consistent. Prior to this change, the Gas Club of America auctioned off mostly gift cards to retailers of all sorts. Their name would have attracted people looking for savings on Shell, Exxon, or Mobile Gas gift cards, but in the end their branding didn't necessarily match their products. Add that their website didn't match their business name, and it's easy to see why the makeover was made. Now, their new label streamlines their website and their company to be much more understandable to potential customers. There's no more conflict between their brand, website, or product. The Cash Club of America auctions off cash, and in most cases wins come with extra bids.

Visit the Cash Club of America to view the changes they've made.

What do you think? Is the new website better than before? Are cash prizes more desirable than gift card selections to specific places?

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

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BidCactus is challenging bidders to win as many free-to-bid auctions as possible during their two-day, free-to-bid auction event through Thursday, August 8th.

The site has gained popularity around their plentiful free-to-bid auctions, which are free to participate in, but come with a few tricky catches users should stay wary of. Though bidders need not worry about stocking up on bids to prepare for these auctions, but they should be aware that many of these free-to-bid auctions increase by more than $0.01 per bid and the final auction price still requires final payment. Read the fine print on these auctions before entering to be secure and keep your eye on the final auction price.

The more of these auctions you win, the more free bids get deposited into your account:

3 wins = 5 free bids

7 wins = 20 free bids

10 wins = 50 free bids

15 wins = 100 free bids

The three top winners in these free-to-bid auctions will be recognized on the BidCactus Facebook page and will earn additional "extra prizes". Winners are responsible for paying the final auction prices in these free-to-bid auctions and must check out for their wins to be considered by the end of the promotional period. Prizes are scheduled to be awarded on Friday, August 9th.

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Penny auction websites have long dealt with heated debate working against them, as many critics have argued that penny auctioneers willingly empty their customers' wallets with false promises of great deals, leading people to spend in excess.

Industry leaders like Quibids have taken thorough measures to address these concerns. “Buy Now” features, now used widely on most penny auction sites, ensure that bidders have options to avoid overspending. Similarly, the Quibids “Store”, also an increasingly popular site development, makes it possible for members to buy the products they want for the listed retail price in a traditional online shopping experience that just happens to take place on an auction site. 'Entertainment shopping' is quicker becoming the better accepted, politically correct descriptor for penny auctions.

The beauty of the Buy Now button is that bidders can enter an auction in pursuit of a great discount and always fall back on purchasing the product for it's normal value if their bid spending, combined with the auction price, reaches the retail price. No one needs to spend more than they have because their bid expenses are credited toward the regular price of the item when they use the Buy Now function. Unwise bidders overspend when they get caught up in the auction action and don't do their math homework.

Understandably, it can be challenging to decide whether to buy direct from the Quibids Store or resort to Buy Now after entering an auction. Really, in the end, which is more beneficial to the spender?

Quibids hasn't provided an answer, but they have provided options.

Here is a breakdown:

1. Try your luck bidding in an auction. If you win for less than the retail price, you're lucky. If it doesn't pan out, resort to the Buy Now button for an instant credit for the bids you spent. Best case scenario: get a deal. Worst case scenario: pay the regular retail price.

2. Go directly to the Quibids Store, search for the specific item you want, and purchase it directly without stepping foot in any auction. Pay the regular retail price, but get an additional set of free bids. The amount of Voucher Bids attached to any product in the Quibids Store varies from item to item, but is listed directly under the price. Buying items in this way gives bidders increased bidding power in the long run, arming them with costless bids that up their chances of winning in later auctions.

As with any online purchase, research is crucial to getting a good deal. Major online retailers like Amazon.com or Overstock.com make for significant competition for penny auction stores. Although they may offer free or discounted shipping, they can't offer free bids that can lead to greater savings in purchases over time.

What do you think? Would you rather try your luck in an auction or head straight to the Store with a guarantee for free bids?

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

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HappyBidDay Runs Summer Fun Event Through August 2ndPublished on: August 1, 2013, 4:56 pm
This promotion ended!

Yesterday marked the beginning of HappyBidDay's "Summer Fun Event". This promotional period comes with a variety of daily opportunities ranging from free bids to price caps.

The bid pack deal is a buy-1-get-2 special: buy one bid pack before August 2nd at 4:00 pm EST and the site will triple your purchase.

Bidders who log in to their HappyBidDay account on Friday August 2nd will automatically receive 15 free bids, just for logging in on that day.

Capped auctions on Thursday August 1st will not sell for more than 10% of their regular retail price.

For more information, visit HappyBidDay's Summer Fun Event page.

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This promotion ended!

ibid2SAVE has been putting its bidders to the ultimate test: try and win 50 auctions as fast as possible to redeem huge bonus prizes. Today is the last day to compete for these extreme tiered awards, given to the first 10 bidders to win 50 auctions (and proceed through checkout) during the contest period. The sooner users check out, the better their chances of coming out ahead in the contest.

1st Place:

Android 4.0 Netbook Computer ($199.95 Value)

5 Day/4 Night Vacation ($600.00 Value)

3 Years of Prime Membership ($224.99 Value)

$500 Dining Dollars

5000 Promo Bids ($3000 Value)


2nd Place

5 Day/4 Night Vacation ($600.00 Value)

2 Years of Prime Membership ($169.99 Value)

$500 Dining Dollars

5000 Promo Bids ($3000 Value)


3rd Place

3 Day/2 Night Vacation ($300.00 Value)

1 Year of Prime Membership ($99.99 Value)

$500 Dining Dollars

2500 Promo Bids ($1500 Value)


4th - 6th Place

3 Day/2 Night Vacation ($300.00 Value)

$500 Dining Dollars

2500 Promo Bids ($1500 Value)


7th - 10th Place

3 Day/2 Night Vacation ($300.00 Value)

2500 Promo Bids ($1500 Value)


CONTEST RULES: (copied directly from ibid2SAVE)

1. First 10 to check out of 50 auctions starting 7/11/13 at 6:30pm Eastern AND submit a support ticket to support@ibid2save.zendesk.com stating their user name and "MEGA CONTEST WINNER" in their email will win.

2. All auctions must be checked out to apply. This includes products, promo bids, and default auction wins!

3. If you reach your auction limits without completing the contest, no exceptions will be made, you must wait for your limits to become available.

4. Contest ends 7/31/13 at 11:59pm Eastern. All qualifying auctions must be won and a support email must be sent in by the contest end date to qualify.

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This promotion ended!

Today marks the final opportunity for BidSauce bidders to find specially marked bidpack, or "bid box", auctions containing an additional 25 free bids. Purchasing a 50 bid box normally costs $45, $0.90 per bid. The site has not specified what the special label identifying 25 additional bids looks like in these auctions.

Visit BidSauce before the end of the day to check for these auctions.

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This promotion ended!

OrangeBidz is giving users a very slim window for taking advantage of their latest promotion, available only today July 30th.

Today bid-free auctions are being dubbed X2, meaning that the winner will receive double the prize in the end. At this time it appears these auctions are only for bidpacks, but there are numerous X2 bid-free auctions running at a time.

This is a very unique savings opportunity, but as always, doing your homework is important to make sure you don't accidentally overspend in pursuit of a great promotional opportunity. 200 bids, for example, is worth $150 in a normally purchased bid pack, so in a 100 X2 bid-free auction you'll be getting a deal on bids as long as the final auction price is below $150.

To explore bid-free X2 live auctions, visit OrangeBidz.com.

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This promotion ended!

BidCactus.com is running two special, promotional auction types through tomorrow, July 30th.

Target Auctions, denoted by a red target symbol, award every participating bidder one free bid whether they win or lose the auction. If you're lucky enough to be a one-bid-wonder, not only will you earn a "golden finger" award on your AllPennyAuctions.com stats page, but you break even with your bid expenses and will only be paying the final auction price for your goods. Better yet, winners of Target Auctions also get an additional 10 free bids. Winners of 10 Target Auctions earn an additional 200 free bids. The only limit regards the 10-win bid bonus (one per person).

Power-Up Bidpacks come with a surprise bonus upon checkout. These special auctions, as indicated by a yellow glow behind the auction image, are said to give an "extra advantage", giving winners "something great" to anticipate. Look for the glowing bidpacks in the following denominations: 25, 100, 250, 375, and 500 Bidpack auctions.

Visit BidCactus.com to check for available auctions.

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KuduBids Establishes New Summer Auction TimesPublished on: July 26, 2013, 5:27 pm

Penny auctions can become a 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week activity—especially if you're on the lookout for a particular auction to open up. If a bidder isn't paying constant attention to their penny auction site of choice, they may miss an opportunity to bid in a desirable auction. Often there are multiple auctions for similar items, but if those auctions are all being held early in the day and you're expected to clock in to work at 9:00 am, it doesn't matter how many auctions there are; you won't have a shot of winning an auction you can't make time for.

KuduBids.com has recently declared new, summer hours of operation to help bidders plan better. All auctions on the site will now be held every day from 2:00 pm—10:00 pm EST. The site hasn't stated when these auction hours will change.

What do you think? Do open-for-business hours help you plan to bid? Or is it preferable to have auctions spaced out across all hours?

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

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This promotion ended!

Puppids.com is running a brief promotion encouraging users to try using their unique "promo bids". Unlike other penny auctioneers, promo bids on Puppids have expiration dates, though they can be used in the same ways as regular bids while valid. Promo bids are offered in bid pack arrangements, therefore can be purchased for great prices, but are only available for a short while. Once promo bids on this site expire, they are gone for good—use them or lose them.

Promo bids on Puppids expire exactly 72 hours (3 days) after they're acquired, whereas “standard bids”, regular bids, can be used whenever the user chooses--even if both promo and regular bids are obtained in the same bid pack.

A good memory for times and dates is critical in maximizing the use of these special bids—Puppids tracks when promo bids are purchased. Exactly 72 hours post-purchase, any unused promo bids are deleted automatically. If they're purchased at 1:35 pm on Monday, those bids are scheduled to expire from that user's account at 1:35 on Thursday.

At this time, Puppids.com is offering a promotional sale for a promo bid package—$25 for 50 standard bids, plus 500 promo bids. Use promotional code WEEKEND500 at checkout. This coupon will only be valid from 9:00 pm—12:00 am EST tonight and may only be used once per customer.

Getting 500 promo bids may be a good opportunity to arm yourself for an upcoming premier or competitive auction. For the price, these promo bids are essentially free.

What do you think? How do you feel about expiring bids, even though they are available in huge, cheap quantities? Do expiring bids hold you back, or make you more confident? (Given that you have to spend those bids before they disappear)

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

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GankIt, a fairly young penny auction website, has seen unusual sales numbers for the month of July—and people are noticing. AllPennyAuctions.com has tracked final auction prices for popular items as being uncommonly low. High stakes auctions for popular electronics are expected to be competitive across most penny auctions, and they can certainly sell for less than the retail price once all expenses are taken into account, but iPad Minis selling for a final price of $2.26 or $50 Walmart gift cards selling for $0.34 is surprising to bidders and industry experts alike.

We asked CEO John Arnold at GankIt for his thoughts. John has managed the site since March of 2012.

“It's simple,” said John, “there's not enough competition.” Furthermore, the average number of participating bidders on the site is only 15 people. They are actively “taking steps to draw more visitors to the site” and anticipate steady increases with time. With any young penny auction site, this is typical—as more users register and purchase bid packs, final auction prices are raised slightly with the added competition. New sites generally have noticeably lower selling prices for this reason. The shift upward happens as their business garners more customer engagement and momentum.

The management at GankIt is anticipating new developments for the site to continue encouraging growth.

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Beezid's New Website Design Is Crisp and Familiar Published on: July 18, 2013, 4:16 pm

The launch of the new Beezid layout serves users a sleeker, simpler interface. In line with other formats used by major penny auctioneers, bidders are sure to find the adjustment effortless.

They're calling the update "Beezid Without Borders" and it's clear why. The front page has been tidied with a clean white background, better unifying the space with limited distractions. The slimmer, more narrow design features dozens of auctions right on the homepage, preventing users from wasting time overnavigating in search of a live auction they want to enter. Other major penny auction sites are adopting very similar layouts that make a lot of information easily accessible all at once on the home page. By simplifying the color scheme and and organization of tables, auctions, and buttons, they can communicate more with less--faster. Creating a longer, leaner look gives mobile users the ability to view the site in a more wholistic way from the small, but convenient window of their cellular phones.

Anchoring the page is the top-most sliding banner, seen with the former Beezid, but they've added a new status bar underneath that instantly shows logged-in bidders their remaining regular, bonus, and promo bids.

Users no longer have to go to their "My Account" page to access all of their personal information: simply hover over the "My Account" tab to get an instant drop-down menu of options to help you buy bids, refer a friend, view wins and your bid history much more efficiently.

To continue to clean up and iron-out the site, product details have been vastly improved. Users can expect to see larger in-auction images of the products and more thorough details about each item (including both warranty information and applicable payment methods). Beezid has also added a button to view other live auctions for the same product.

The reworked Help page has been redesigned to intend serving users quicker. There are now video tutorials available, and large, iconic images to better define and point out like topics.

For more information on the changes Beezid has made to their website, click here.

What do you think? Do you like the new Beezid page more than the last?

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

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For an undisclosed limited time, DealDash is offering a $0.17 sale on all bids.

The site also claims to be hosting twice as many auctions at this time. There will likely be numerous auctions for the products you want, so be sure to explore the bidding graph on the AllPennyAuctions.com DealDash Info Page to determine the best hours to place bids.

Bid Pack prices are as follows:

200 Bids - $34.00

400 Bids - $68.00

900 Bids - $153.00

1800 Bids - $306

3500 Bids - $595

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This promotion ended!

ibid2SAVE.com is offering a no-purchase-required coupon code good for 350 free promo bids.

Registered users should log in and navigate to their "My Account" page to redeem the code: 350FREE

The offer is only available today until 11:59 pm Eastern.

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This promotion ended!

BidCactus users should be aware of two unique types of bonus auctions: Star Auctions and 237 Auctions, provided in honor of the Fourth of July.

Bidpacks labeled with an American flag come with special checkout offers. These special mystery offers will only be revealed to you once they're won.

Star Auctions award each bidder with one free bid once the auction closes.

To celebrate America's 237th birthday, the other bonus auction during this promotional period is being called a 237 Auction. Winners of these specially labeled auctions will additionally receive 237 free bids.

They are offering a variety of individualized coupon codes, which users can redeem directly from the BidCactus promotional page that provide multiple ways to save on bid packs.

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This promotion ended!

In honor of their second year of business, PennyGrab.com hosting several promotional savings opportunities. Whether celebrating their birthday or the Fourth of July, there are numerous ways to earn and save.

Both amazon gift cards and promo bids are being offered for 50% off. Bid packs will be on sale for 10% off using promo code FIREWORKS, which can be redeemed at checkout.

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DealDash Hosts Independence Day SalePublished on: July 3, 2013, 3:37 pm
This promotion ended!

As the Fourth of July draws nearer, DealDash continues to lower the price of bids. Two days ago, bids were reduced to $0.18, whereas today bids were marked all the way down to $0.16.

During their Independence Day Sale, in addition to reduced bid pack costs, DealDash is paying all final auction prices. Bidders only pay for bid packages and bids spent.

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Puppids.com Announces New Win Limits and Bid PricingPublished on: July 1, 2013, 4:50 pm

Up-and-coming auctioneers at Puppids.com, best known for a large portion of gift card auctions, have made some recent, integral site adjustments that could effect how and when bidders choose to play.

Win limits can be viewed as both good or bad, depending on a bidder's goals. For win-hungry bidders, limits can be damaging to their stats and generally disappointing, often pushing them away to other sites instead of waiting around for their limits to drop. As with most auction sites, certain power players have favorites and there is a noticeable tendency to see big names pop up in numerous auctions at a time on these particular websites. In this way, win limits favor novice and intermediate bidders by providing increased opportunities to try bidding in different kinds of auctions without the fear that a power player may knock them out of the auction early.

As of today, there are new win limits placed on certain items according to their value.

Gift Cards (less than $50): 5 wins/week

Gift Cards ($50 or more): 1 win/week

2-Star Items (less than $50): 2 wins/week

3-Star Items (worth $50-$100) : 1 win/week

4-star Items ($100-$150): 1 win/10 days

5-star Items ($150 or more): 1 win/30 days

Bid Packs (including free-to-bid): 2 wins/week

Free Bid Items (except bid packs): 10 wins/30 days

Bid packs have been assigned new price tags, also effective today.

Micro: $9 for 15 bids ($0.60 each)

Mini: $11 for 20 bids ($0.55 each)

Value: $27 for 50 bids ($0.54 each)

Bronze: $50 for 100 bids ($0.50 each)

Silver: $97 for 200 bids ($0.49 each)

Gold: $140 for 300 bids ($0.47 each)

Platinum: $270 for 600 bids ($0.45 each)

APA provides info pages for the penny auction sites we follow. For more information on Puppids, links to their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as bidder reviews and ratings, visit the AllPennyAuctions Puppids Page.

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How much would you reevaluate your personal spending habits if you knew that 88% of households make charitable contributions? More so, isn't it amazing that, despite trying economic times, the amount of charitable contributions made in America continues to grow more and more each year?

The National Philanthropic Trust, a charity that supports other charities, puts together annual, statistical reports on giving. Pulling from numerous universities, philanthropic institutes and non-profits, they report that 88% of households donate. To whom or to where they donate depends, of course, on their family values, but accessibility and outreach is essential for charitable organizations to stay afloat and fulfill their missions. They don't exist without donations. Everyday people are willing to give, as long as those behind causes are willing to ask.

Humanitarians have found a new method of bringing causes into public light to make these requests possible: the penny auction business model. A portion of online auctions are now connected in some way to a philanthropic opportunity.

AnniesBids.com is a prototypical penny auction site, but with a twist. They've fused the traditional fun of bidding with the satisfaction of spending money in a socially responsible way. It feels good to give back, and AnniesBid has made the act of giving completely automatic. When you bid on goods at AnniesBid, as you would in any other online penny auction, a portion of each bid placed goes toward the cause attached to each auction item. Even if you don't win the item in the end, your money still goes toward funding good causes. You can feel proud to have spent far too many bids in the iPad auction because, after all, you're donating to a worthwhile charity, too.

Other major penny auctioneers have historically been known to occasionally host charity auctions on their site including both Quibids and BidCactus. Consider bidding in one of these special charity auctions as you see them arise to make a significant, and literally effortless, difference in the welfare of our global community.

What do you think? Do charity auctions make you more likely to bid if you know that your bidding, win or lose, makes a positive impact?

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

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This promotion ended!

In this economy, many families are choosing to save their would-be vacation money for more practical purchases. BidCactus.com is currently offering a summer themed promotion this week, however, that eases the financial conflict a much needed getaway might cause.

To get ahead in these destination auctions, users should consider stocking up on bids using the individualized coupon codes BidCactus has made available on their website. At this time, there are 5 promo codes to choose from: 75 free bids with any bidpack purchase (first purchase only), 50 free bids with purchase of a 250 bidpack (redeemable 4 times), 175 free bids with a 100 bidpack (redeemable 3 times), 225 free bids with a 150 bidpack (redeemable 5 times), 35% off a 50+ bidpack (redeemable 10 times). Enter the coupon codes of your choosing at checkout to capitalize on savings.

Look out for auctions labeled with colorful suitcases. These suitcase auctions have limited risk, earning at least one bid just for participating.

Red suitcases indicate that you'll get one free bid after you place a bid in that auction.

Green suitcases indicate that you'll get one free bid for placing at least one bid, but the winner will earn an additional 25 free bids.

Brown suitcases indicate that the winner of that auction will earn 50 free bids.

The website has created a bit of suspense around the increase in vacation packages expected to be auctioned off this week. “Summer Vacation” auctions, likely labeled by the suitcases, will earn winners a little “something extra”, according to the site, when they check out. The "Summer Vacation" promotional period ends Sunday June 30, 2013.

Winners of “Summer Vacation” auctions: we are anxious to hear about your mystery winnings received at checkout! Comment below to share.

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Today proved very challenging to the AllPennyAuctions.com team. We were flagged on Facebook for posting “potentially abusive” content; click any posted link from our page and receive a warning before continuing on to our website. This protective measure is generally valuable, but we find ourselves wondering, “Why us?”

Facebook has strict legislation preventing penny auctioneers from advertising. While their right to limit who can and cannot advertise must be respected, penny auction sites are commonly misunderstood businesses. Online shopping, with or without the entertainment value provided in penny auctions, requires people to spend money. Those who haven't played in penny auctions and don't understand how they work often write these sites off as money stealers without educating themselves. Could it be possible that our association with penny auction sites has lead to a misunderstanding of our business and what we do?

Our intention is to help inform penny auction players and ensure transparency in the industry--we are simply data collectors and reporters, informing our customers of deals and methods to help them save. We aren't auctioneers and don't use the penny auction business model.

The undeniable fact is that the penny auction community has garnered an unfairly negative internet reputation, largely generated by the misinformed and those who have lost money in penny auctions.

Leading internet safety authoritarians at “Web Of Trust (WOT)” (www.mywot.com), a ratings website for other websites, allow for this kind of discrimination by letting its users judge a website's level of trustworthiness. Fraudulent sites are hiding all throughout the internet and Web Of Trust provides a space for these sites to be duly exposed. Unfortunately, because anyone with a bad attitude can poorly rate whichever site they choose, penny auctioneers have wide-spread and imprecise notoriety for being scams. The trickle-down effect of low ratings on Web Of Trust reaches as far as the Facebook empire.

Because users in Web Of Trust forums can make mass ratings in large quantities, users can blanket rate groups of sites they may have never even visited, operating under the assumption that they're all harmful. This system is both unfair and undeserved in countless cases, particularly for well-intentioned penny auctioneers. Click here for details on how the WOT mass rating tool works.

Let's draw up the connection between these ratings on WOT and APA. We have not been receiving negative ratings on an individual basis because we share the same goals as WOT--provide our users the opportunity to rate, review, and share experiences on sites that have served them well or served them poorly. Web of Trust is trying to create an honest and transparent internet community and so are we. However, because of the unfortunate mass ratings system working against penny auctioneers, we have been lumped into these groupings and are receiving misplaced negative feedback. The system is inherently flawed. Having the phrase "penny auctions" in our name makes it difficult to stay out of the penny auction website pool that unfortunately gets mass rated so poorly.

In order for AllPennyAuctions.com and your favorite penny auction sites to generate the business and internet traffic to serve you properly, consider visiting Web Of Trust and give positive ratings for the sites you love. You benefit most if your favorite sites, of the penny auction variety or otherwise, have a green status which signals "trustworthiness" to other users.

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There are savings to be had by all this weekend, whether you're a parent or not. Bidders can expect many pre-Father's-Day specials to be running prior to Sunday. It's time to show Pops you care—take notice of the plethora of dad-worthy items being auctioned off. Combined with sale prices on bids, you're sure to impress Dad with this year's gift!

Beezid will be hosting bonus bids first (labeled BBF) auctions and price freezes all day this Sunday as part of the Summer of Love Part 2 savings event. The site is offering additional savings like “The All Bids Back Bread Saver”, scheduled for Thursday June 13th between 8:00 and 10:00 pm EDT. All bids will be returned, win or lose, for auctions held at that time. Prior to the big day, the site will feature BBF auctions and price freezes beginning Friday at 10:00 pm and ending Saturday at 11:59 pm ET. Use this promotional code for extreme bid savings: enter FAROUT at checkout to receive 14 bids for every 1 purchased.

BidPunk is offering a bid sale leading up to Father's Day. They'll be discounted to as low as $0.25 each.

HappyBidDay is also featuring a bid sale through Friday June 14th at 4:00 pm ET. Bids will range in price from as low as $0.12 (for the largest bid pack available: 850 bids for $102) to $0.23 (for the smallest bid pack available: 100 bids for $23).

DealDash is temporarily marking bids at $0.16 each, despite the size of the bid pack being purchased. In addition, bid timers are being programmed to reset to 10 seconds with each placed bid.

KuduBids is providing members with what they're calling their “largest sale ever”, offering members 250 bids for $0.25 each. This sale ends Saturday, the 15th, at 10:00 am ET.

ibid2SAVE has chosen a different savings route, offering a hefty promo code to their members. The code is GET1000 and will add 1,000 promo bids to any $60 bid pack purchased through tomorrow, June 13th, at 11:59 pm ET. The coupon code is limited to one per member.

Quibids, despite regularly priced bids, has streamlined the shopping-for-Dad process a bit by listing items that are sure to be dad friendly. For bidders hoping to score their father a great deal in a penny auction, this is an opportunity to quicken the search using either the "buy it now" option or through available auctions. They've compiled a Father's Day Gift List, which you can view directly by clicking this link.

From all of us at AllPennyAuctions.com, high-fives to all the dads out there being honored with these sales and enjoy your special day (of specials)!

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This promotion ended!

Principal penny auctioneer Beezid.com will spend the month of June, and possibly longer, offering users new way to play and save during its “Summer of Love” campaign. The event will be divided into several unique promotional periods, so users can expect site features to change throughout the month. A formal schedule of what to expect later on has not been announced, but they have advised bidders to continue checking the website for the latest “Summer of Love” features available.

At this time, the most visual component of the event is the introduction of five different “peace locks”, distinguishable by color. Essentially, these are additional win limits that enable more users to achieve success on top of the preexisting limits established by the site. The normal win limits will remain in effect, but there are two lock colors to specifically look out for—yellow and pink. The yellow peace lock will allow a member who has reached their 28-day period win limit to win once more. The pink peace lock allows a user to win four more auctions above the standard 28-day limit.

Users should keep their eyes peeled for three different “price freezes”. Beezid will be reaching a new low, respectfully, offering a $0.01 price freeze for the first time ever. Once the final auction price hits the designated price freeze, the auction closes. A Beezid representative noted that “when members only pay a penny for the final auction price, it really redefines the meaning of a penny auction!”

We also asked Beezid if they could describe “bid conversions” in greater detail and the impact that 2:1 or 3:1 bid conversions (as advertised in the campaign) would have on users. Here's what they said:

“Bid conversions are the ratio in which bonus bids are converted to regular bids. Ordinarily, 1 bonus bid is converted for every 5 regular bids spent. In the case of a 2:1 ratio, however, this conversion happens after only 2 regular bids. So...for every 2 regular bids spent, 1 bonus bid is taken from a member's balance and converted into a regular bid. Low conversion ratios can have a huge impact, instantly boosting bidding power and adding major value to bonus bids.”

Beezid buffs will be happy to see increased opportunities to maximize the use of their bonus bids this month. There will be more “bonus bid first” auctions, in which bonus bids are used before both promo and regular bids, and there will be promotional prices offered on bid packs that include bonus bids.

Although the event will last for all of June, it's possible that Beezid may widen the "Summer of Love" promotional period to make savings available throughout July or August. We will be following the promotion closely.

The first “Summer of Love” promotional period ends Sunday June 9th at 11:59 PM EDT, so watch your clocks and stay tuned for Beezid to announce the components and features available during the next part of the schedule. It's going to be a lovely start to summer indeed!

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You, the penny auction bidder, are a potential client for penny auction sites. The look and feel of their website and its design is a virtual handshake used to make the best possible impression on you; your willingness to register is the success of their business.

If a site seems disorderly, cheaply constructed, or lacking in good design, a new visitor could be completely turned off and take their business to another site that looks more official. This is the plight of many small or new penny auction websites that often lose business to the sparkle of bigger brands, as they can afford teams of designers and developers who have mastered the art of visually earning your trust.

Online shopping in any form can be dangerous; educating yourself is key. Information thieves can build beautiful and fully functional websites that are specifically used to steal your credit card and password information. Don't be fooled: a sparkly website may give you the trustworthy feeling you expect, but could be using that tactic just to rob you of your personal information. A lackluster website could look completely shotty, but be run by a family with honest intentions and a secure system.

These unforgettable, and adorable, characters from the Citibank identity theft commercials are the best illustrators of the threats associated with e-commerce scammers.

There are other kinds of fraudulent or illegal activities that have been known to plague the penny auction community. One of the more famous bugs users fear are “bot bidders”, planted in penny auctions by site owners that place bids furiously to drive up final auction prices.

Besides a yes-or-no gut feeling, how do you choose where to put your money? How can you tell if a penny auction site a sham? Limiting yourself to only one website means you could be missing out on great new deals in other, perhaps smaller, penny auctions with lower competition.

Top 5 ways to spot penny auction websites waving red flags:

1. Missing contact information

Look for a contact number or email address so that if questions arise or there's any concern about your purchase, you can reach out to the website quickly and directly. Also look for a residential address. If there's no contact information available, they may be trying to hide.

2. Odd bidding behaviors

It's good practice to do some observing of a few auctions before committing to registering. If a new site has several bidders competitively pushing the final auction price of, for example, a simple $10 gift card, beware. It's not much of a deal to purchase a $10 gift card for 8 or 9 dollars, plus the cost of the bids placed. Similarly, if a new website has heavy competition in its smaller auctions, this could mean bots have been put in the auction.

3. An overload of too-good-to-be-true auctions on brand new websites

Typically, young websites start small, gain business, and increase their offerings over time to avoid spending too much upfront and potentially failing. If a new penny auction site is offering upwards of 20 high ticket items in the same week, you could be looking at a fraudulent site. New sites generally provide modest auctions first.

4. Unrecognizable competitor usernames

You won't have to play in penny auctions long to be able to spot power bidders and penny auction fanatics. Search for usernames you recognize. There are strength in numbers. If you notice several usernames you've seen before on other sites, you can have more faith.

5. No search engine results or not reviewed in any online forums

People are not shy of posting negative reviews about a site that provided poor service. Type the site name into your preferred search engine (a la Google, Yahoo, or Bing etc.) and look for helpful write-ups in articles and forums.

Appearances are and aren't everything. Try not to pass judgement just by the website design, but look for the aforementioned features to determine a website's credibility and ensure you won't be ripped off.

What do you think? Have you ever been scammed by a website? What makes you trust a penny auction website before you commit to registering?

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.


"Get an iPad for $0.01!" is precisely the kind of advertising that got many of us exploring online penny auctions in the first place. Humorously, only in extremely rare cases do expensive electronics like laptops and TVs sell this cheaply in penny auctions, but the possibility that they could be won for so little is enough to keep many users invested. Going up against a large pool of equally electronic-thirsty bidders in one of these auctions can be both intimidating and costly, but the fact is that these types of items are selling to strategic winners every day.

Who actually wins these high-ticket, pricey products? What are the secrets to winning these gadgets for a good deal?

It's essential to make the distinction between bidders who will do whatever it takes to win a penny auction and bidders who are able to win an item for an amazing discount. Any aggressive bidder, with enough disposable income, can stick around long enough, bid continuously, and dominate any auction. They aren't likely to get a good deal with this practice, but they make a noteworthy name for themselves and proclaim to other bidders, "I'm not someone you want to compete with; I'll fight for what I want at any cost". Spending more than you're able simply to earn the win will not yield long term auction success, but in many frustrating instances, it often seems like the only way out once you've made the leap and entered a high-ticket auction.

The truth is that no one is fully protected from failure in any penny auction, but here are a few strategies that have been known to work for winners:

1. Do your research and get to know your competition.

If you recognize a power bidder playing aggressively in an auction that you want to enter, you will obviously want to exercise caution. These are bidders who have accumulated a lot of wealth in wins and who are likely to be able to give you a long run for your money. AllPennyAuctions.com has a powerful search bar on the home page that will allow you to look up usernames of your competition. Investigate their bidding and win history to determine if they are likely to threaten your chances.

2. Good things come to those who wait.

Be patient. Expensive items are not likely to sell for a few cents, so many have found it helpful to wait for other bidders to tire and lose a bit of momentum. Beware of being a "jumper"; you may gain enemies by waiting too long. "Jumping in" an auction perhaps unfashionably late in the game is widely viewed as very poor form.

3. Choose your penny auction site wisely.

Picking an auction site you have already found success on is one possible direction. Not only are you more likely to be familiar with your competitors, but you will have confidence knowing that you've already established yourself in that location as a winner. Keep your eyes and ears open though, as many users like to get on board with brand new penny auction sites to avoid much competition.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities of strategic bidding.

What do you think?

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How to Score Promotional Deals Without Holiday HelpPublished on: May 29, 2013, 5:19 pm

Memorial Day has come and gone, and so have the sales. Although many bidders snagged a great deal on purchases made over the holiday, the rest may be feeling frustrated to have skipped town for the long weekend because they may have also skipped auction site savings...or so they thought.

Successful businesses find ways to maintain sales and growth even around promotional periods. Particularly during peak seasons, big holiday discounts (like Black Friday, After-Christmas, or in this case Memorial Day sales events) provide a great way to lure in new customers, surprise existing ones, and reel former customers back in; but what do businesses do between major sales to keep selling? "Limited time offers", that's what.

Extreme coupon-ers have a great strategy for using limited time offers to their advantage at supermarkets--they get to know their resources. They clip coupons from newspapers, check their mail for grocery store flyers, research manufacturers' discounts online, and stay on top of coupon expiration dates. Apply this logic to bidpacks and you won't need a holiday weekend for an excuse to celebrate.

Promo codes, for example, don't need a holiday to be offered and keep users coming back for more; you just have to know where to find them. Websites like PennyAuctionCoupon.com and PennyAuctionPromo.com are great resources to begin with. Fans of LivingSocial and Groupon will be thrilled to see these daily-deal equivalents for penny auction specials. CheapBidPacks.com is a blog that lists a variety of penny auction promo codes and, per Extreme Coupon-ers, works well in tandem with daily promo deals to yield savings. These supportive websites have capitalized on the notion of the "limited time offer" to keep bidders buying in the name of a good deal. Consider bookmarking these websites in your preferred internet browser; you can check them out at your convenience to save year-round!

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If you couldn't score a cheap flight out of town to celebrate the long weekend, there's hope yet! When you're not grilling burgers or sipping cocktails poolside, you could be saving big on numerous penny auction sites having Memorial Day sales. There are likely to be a lot of penny auction specials out there this weekend--consider stepping out of the sun to take advantage of some air conditioning and a limited time offer.

DealDash bids will cost $0.17 this weekend. In addition, no new bidders can jump in an auction after it reaches $2.00. They don't specify when this sale will end, so DealDash fans may want to capitalize "soon".

HappyBidDay is offering a very lengthy sale that began May 23rd and will end on Tuesday May 28th, 2013 at 3:00 pm Eastern. Every auction today, May 24th, is a "Bid Back Auction"--a portion of bids are returned to winners. Several "Happy Hour - Happy Auctions" (free-to-bid auctions) will be hosted on the site through May 27th from 4:00-6:00 pm Eastern. They'll be offering site-wide bid savings: surprisingly, upon log-in, users will automatically receive 15 free bids just for showing up. "Special Bid Packs" will have prices ranging from $0.20 to $0.10 per bid (the larger the bid purchase, the lower the price per bid will be). The site will pay for all shipping costs for auction winners on May 25th. May 27th, all "Capped Auctions" will close under $5.00. Be careful about time zone differences and end dates on these offers--they are all unique!

TheBidSpot will be adding 75% more bids to any bid package purchased during their Memorial Day Sale. On Monday May 27th, all auctions will be for gift cards from major retailers. The site was not clear as to when their sale would end on their home page.

OrangeBidz is providing similar savings on bids this weekend. Most packages include $0.13 bids, but if you invest in the largest big package, bids will only cost $0.12 each. These low prices are especially exciting because they come with risk free bidding. Users will get their bids back whether they win or lose on all their purchased bids.

Memorial Day Sale take-away tips:

1. Always do the calculations--make sure that you aren't spending more than you want on a bid pack that uses good marketing to make it look like the best deal. It may not be the best deal for you.

2. Check the times and dates on every offer so you don't accidentally miss out on an auction, deal, or special you were looking forward to. Time zones matter!

3. These sales could last a smart spender a long time--consider saving some of your bid stock for future auctions when there's no promotional bid discount available.

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This promotion ended!

Summer is upon us and so are rising gas prices. Today the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report calculated the average gas cost in the United States to be up to $3.66 per gallon. A month ago, they reported the national average to be $3.52--a dismal forecast for commuters and truckers. To beat the heat, GasCardAuctions.com, regarded as Gas Club of America, has changed a few of its website features to help users win more and put a little extra gas money in their car jars.

There used to be a win limit, preventing power bidders from monopolizing every auction, that restricted customers to 1 auction win a week. This kind of limitation most certainly has a range of pros and cons, and the site continues to operate using win limits, but they have been significantly raised. Customers are now allowed 1 win per day, 2 wins per week, and 6 wins per month.

Auctions labeled for beginners have now been made risk free, such that every player's bids will be returned whether they win or lose. Now every beginner has luck on their side.

Gas Club of America is also offering a bid sale to encourage auction activity: 50% more bids will be added to bid packages purchased before Saturday, May 25th, 2013. For example, purchasing a pack of 400 bids will yield 600 total. The value of 400 bids on the site is $200 ($0.50 per bid at this time), but the sale price of bids purchased in any amount during this promotion translates to $0.33 each.

Memberships have changed and now come with some bonuses. Becoming a Gold Member will cost $99.95 (plus 100 bids and 25 retail cards). Platinum Membership has been added and will cost a user $499.95 for which they will receive 400 bids and $300 in retail cards. For a detailed breakdown of membership options, visit their membership page at http://www.gascardauctions.com/Membership_Benefits.php

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PennyGrab.com, like many other pay-per-bid sites, has popularized rewarding winners with "bonus plays", distinguished by shiny icons attached to auction items. Users can redeem them for chances to play digital games that generally earn the player a few extra bids. However, PennyGrab has introduced a new, equally interesting, way to get free credits: product surveys. They don't necessarily have anything to do with penny auctions, but they sure can add up to significant savings.

Each survey is worth a different amount of promo credits and the options are likely to change with time, but as of yesterday, the highest paying opportunity was worth 38 credits. That is equal to a payout of $28.50 to participating users.

Best of all, PennyGrab has posted more than just surveys in exchange for free bids. Users can sign up for a variety of newsletters, mailing lists, free trials, and clubs. Looking at the site today, for example, a user could choose to sign up for an email newsletter full of recipes from Betty Crocker, worth 1 promo credit that would instantly go to the user's account. For another credit, a user could register for a print-out coupon for %15 savings at Famous Footwear. A 7-day free trial of Surf Safe software would grant a whopping 20 promo credits.

For those with overflowing inboxes, several offers were available for free product samples that are sent directly to your home. By providing a name and mailing address, a user could receive samples from big-name manufacturers in the mail in addition to free bids. In a "free spring sample" offer, a user could earn 4 credits and receive samples of Eucerin lotion, Yogi tea bags, vitamin supplements, and more. Say a bidder dedicated one hour to all these aforementioned offers; they would have their next dinner party planned and a stylish pair of new kicks for the occasion, extra computer security, soft hands and feet, boosted immunity, and be 26 bids closer to their next penny auction win.

A key shortcoming of "bonus plays" is that the amount of bids you earn is typically dependent on how well you play the game; higher scores earn a player more bids than low scores. When approaching these promotional surveys and offers, their worth in bids is specifically stated and all registered users are eligible without having won any auctions. On the list of special offers are a variety of free game downloads that could be worth 5 credits once installed. Have your game and play it, too.

Some users will not qualify for certain surveys based on basic information they require, however PennyGrab will reward your account with a free bid credit even if you aren't a match for the survey. Gaining at least one extra bid is definite, simply for trying to participate.

To find these opportunities, registered PennyGrab.com users can sign-in, click the "My Account" button, click the "Items Won" tab, and follow the link to "Earn easy Promo Credits by completing product surveys and special offers".

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Connecting People With KnowledgePublished on: May 21, 2013, 10:43 am

One of our missions here at All Penny Auctions is providing transparency to Penny Auction industry. We do this by providing limited free access to our data to anyone who comes to our site. Site reviews and ratings will never be blocked for anyone. Forum discussions will always be freely available as well.

When our founder decided to build the site he was determined to create Penny Auction software that would shed light on bad actors in the marketplace, and an environment that would foster growth for the responsible and accountable sites.

Over the last couple of year the All Penny Auctions website, and our penny auction browser extension software have, connected hundreds of thousands of users with vital knowledge about Penny Auction sites. This valuable information has saved our users tens of thousands of dollars in auctions, as well as saving our users from doing business with ill-reputable companies. We provide live tracking on more than 45 sites, we have over 4700 user submitted reviews and ratings on more than 420 sites. All Penny Auctions has provided a clear system of accountability for every site in the Penny Auction industry.

We invite you to join in the conversations on our forum to continue connecting Penny Auction users with the knowledge they need to win.

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AllPennyAuctions' Penny Auction SoftwarePublished on: May 21, 2013, 10:13 am

From time-to-time people ask us how we do what we do. Well, it's not easy that's for sure! In order to provide real-time access to millions of bids across as many as 50 sites (this changes when a live-tracked site shuts down) we have dedicated servers constantly updating our enormous database.

Our Penny-HUD provides Premium members with real-time information about who they're bidding against, while in an auction. One user reported to us that she was "searching for penny auction software that would help her create a winning penny auction strategy" when she found our HUD she described it as "a hidden secret for winning penny auctions!"

Our website itself contains data on over 8.7 million auctions we've collected from over 86,000 auction bidders. These auction reports contain a wealth of information pages like our item reports (example) have key insights so you know when to bid, what the average ending price of an item is, and by what time or day that item goes for the lowest price.

Our forum provides a friendly place to chat about the penny auction industry. Many users find that they can get insights from other users about situations on certain auction sites, get real feedback from other users about a site's credibility and overall just chat and learn from each other.

The newly installed tip system is designed to give new, and current users, valuable information about how to use the site to your advantage.

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Coin enthusiasts have an exciting, twenty-first century way to improve their stock--test their luck in an online penny auction on CoinSniper.com. CoinSniper, managed by an impassioned coin collector named Russell Scropper, has united this historical hobby with the thrill of a good deal achieved in pay-per-bid auctions. It's providing a new way to collect.

Recently, several new features have been added to the site in an effort to continue generating interest in the field and improve bidding activity.

The site has introduced "multiple bid auctions" to encourage serious bidding, all jumper-free (no late-in-the-game players permitted to nab a win away from the beginning bidders). Certain auctions for rare or high-value items might be labeled, for example, 5x or 10x. Each bid (also known as a "CoinSnipe") made in one of these auctions actually uses up 5 or 10 bids, respectively, purchased by the user. Additionally, each bid placed raises the final auction price by $0.05 or $0.10, instead of the usual $0.01. Let's think like a coin collector, in this case, and consider these to be "nickel or dime auctions": alternatives to the standard "penny auction".

Players may also want to keep an eye out for auctions labeled 5xO or 10xO, known as "multiple open bid auctions". In these cases, only each user's first bid placed will absorb 5 or 10 of their purchased CoinSnipes and will raise the auction price $0.05 or $0.10, again respectively. After that first, higher-value bid is made, each additional bid placed will only be worth one CoinSnipe, per usual. Take notice of how the auction is denoted to be sure bids are being spent as intended!

Users can also expect to not see "invisible reserves". In a newsletter received yesterday, CoinSniper noted that the calculation of reserves will remain the same, however will hidden from view going forward.

Losing a reserve auction just got a little less painful, thanks to the addition of "bidding bounties", which activate when a reserve isn't met. The highest bidder in a reserve auction where the reserve wasn't hit will get a between 2-10 free CoinSnipes.

CoinSniper tends to use coding in their auction titles to help users determine the auction type and its features. For a breakdown of what the codes and labels mean, there is a helpful Glossary full of definitions on their website. You can access this resource at www.coinsniper.com/info/coinsniper-glossary.

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This promotion ended!

Yesterday marked the beginning of a 7-day sale on DealDash.com known as "Half Price Week". They are providing coupon codes to registered users to save on bids and final auction prices.

DealDash already has a fairly average cost per bid in comparison to list prices on many other competing auction sites at $0.60 each, but this week bids are on sale for half their regular price. Similarly, registered players can log into their DealDash account to redeem a personalized coupon code for an additional 40% off their bid purchases.

What makes Half Price Week even more exciting is that DealDash has instituted a $3.00 "No Jumper Limit" to make auctions easier to win for initial bidders. No new bidders will be able to "jump in" once the auction hits $3.00. In the penny auction community, "jumpers" are bidders who use a waiting strategy to achieve easier wins, often frustrating other players. These users wait for the beginning bidders to raise the auction price so that when they finally do enter the auction for the first time, they quickly exhaust the the initial players who either have to spend more to win or are forced to give up to a fresh player with more left to invest. This $3.00 limit helps protect the bidders that participate from the beginning from losing the auction to a late entrant.

Auction winners will be especially thrilled to pay discounted costs for their prizes during this savings period. Final auction prices are, as you may have already guessed, half off this week.

Half Price Week specials will be available on DealDash through Sunday May 19th, 2013.

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This promotion ended!

British auction site SmackOut.com announced by email today that free-to-bid auctions will no longer be offered on their site until further notice. Additionally, they plan to eliminate any outstanding free-to-bid auctions that winners have not yet paid for.

Any bid packages ("smack packs") or items that have been won in one of these free-to-bid auctions will be automatically deleted tomorrow, Tuesday May 14, 2013 if payment of the final auction price is not made prior.

If you are a SmackOut.com user, ensure you receive your winnings by checking your account as soon as possible. Make sure all the auctions you've won have been paid for to avoid potential losses. It would be wise to save any digital or email receipts that you receive after check out.

Customer support for SmackOut can be reached by email at support@smackout.com, but be advised that their website states email responses may take 48 hours or longer depending on the volume of inquiries they need to address. For answers to other questions, their support page can be accessed at www.smackout.com/support.

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