bidfun Bid Fun is an online penny auction site owned by Naxopresence UK Ltd
Mayfair House
14-18 Heddon Street
United Kingdom
Support Email: [email protected]
Buy It Now Available: No
Exchanges Available: Yes [details]
Win Limits: No
Geographical Restrictions: Yes [details]
Special Auction Type(s): Beginners Only, No Robots,
Bid Prices: USD 0.80 – 1.00

USD 20.00 for 20 bids (1.00 ea.)
USD 50.00 for 50 + 5 bids (0.91 ea.)
USD 100.00 for 100 + 15 bids (0.87 ea.)
USD 200.00 for 200 + 40 bids (0.83 ea.)
USD 400.00 for 400 + 100 bids (0.80 ea.)
Retail Value Sold apafav Bid Fun sold a total retail value of $24,380 in auctions over the last 7 days.
10th out of 54 penny auction sites that tracks.
Value Returned apafav For each $1.00 spent by bidders, Bid Fun sold about $1.07 in items.
22nd out of 54 penny auction sites that tracks.
VeriSign Trusted accept VeriSign has checked this site for encryped data transmission, verified their identity, and scanned for malware.
Types of items sold on Bid Fun: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Computers, Digital & Video Cameras, Electronics, Gift Cards, Video Games & Consoles

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