bidou Bidou is an online penny auction site owned by Les ench?res Bidou inc
408, Saint-Sulpice Street, Office # 2
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2V5
Phone Number: 1 (866) 864-1778
Support Email: [email protected]
Facebook: on Facebook
Twitter: bidouca (226 followers)
Buy It Now Available: Yes [details]
Exchanges Available: No
Win Limits: Yes [details]
Geographical Restrictions: Yes [details]

Bidou offers 5 free bids to new users.

Special Auction Type(s): Progressive Auctions, Bid-Double Auctions, Beginners Auctions, Free Bidding Auctions
Bid Prices: USD 1.00

Types of items sold on Bidou: Bid Packs, Computer Accessories, Electronics, Food, Beverage & Kitchen, Gift Cards, Health & Fitness, Video Games & Consoles